Snapchat Cheating: 10 Signs You Are A Victim And 6 Solutions

Snapchat Cheating: 10 Signs You Are A Victim And 6 Solutions

Just when you thought betrayal in relationships couldn't get worse than it already is, Snapchat cheating becomes a thing. Although cheating is as old as the history of mankind, people have found increasingly new ways to be horrible partners, thanks to modern technology.

Today, we will have a look at what Snapchat cheating and how you can keep yourself from being at the wrong end of this unfortunate form of internet-based betrayal.


Cheating is very selfish, and only the worst partners would sink this low and do this to those they claim to love.

The world is more connected than it has ever been, all thanks to technology. But while we are happy to be living in such an age and time, some people are crying themselves to sleep every day because technology has been an instrument of betrayal in their lives.

Today, we don't just have physical cheating, but serious forms of emotional cheating.


Through Snapchat, people can get emotionally intimate with others and become emotionally unavailable to their partners. Obviously, if the relationship was going strong before the indiscretions begin, the other partner will notice the changes and get hurt.

Snapchat is something of a cheater's wet dream because it offers maximum privacy for those involved. Stories last only 24 hours, and messages self-destruct after they are read.


In other words, the app covers the tracks of unfaithful partners. There are few things better than that to an unfaithful person who's trying to keep their illicit affairs under the wraps.

Today, hundreds of millions of people use Snapchat.

How To Detect Snapchat Cheating

Snapchat cheating happens, and there's little you can do about it. But there are ways to know your partner is doing it so you can decide which direction your relationship should go.


When your partner is being unfaithful to you through Snapchat, you will notice the following signs.

1. Their Best Snapchat Friend Is Someone Else Other Than You

Granted, it's not that easy knowing if someone is your best friend on Snapchat these days. However, if you see that you have been chatting with your partner the most, and you are still not their number one friend, then be very careful.


That is a sign someone else is their top priority, and you have to wonder what they talk about that requires so much communication.

Obviously, if you are not a huge Snapchat fan and they are your number one friend, then that might be understandable. But if you know you spend a lot of time on the app and do most of your chatting with them, it might be a sign they are cheating.

2. They Keep Their Phones Away From You

There are plenty of reasons someone would want to hide their phone from you. And not all of them count as a betrayal.


Maybe they are looking up things they can get you for your birthday and don't want to give away the surprise.

But also, if they are keen to make sure you never get your hands on their phone or see what they are up to on Snapchat, then it's possible they are unfaithful to you through the app.

3. They Don't Engage You On Snapchat

Although you have it on good authority that your partner loves Snapchat, you can see that they don't particularly like communicating with you through the app.


If they were not using the app so regularly, it would be understandable if they weren't available to respond to you.

But if they are always on the app but can't find any time to engage you, then you have a pretty good reason to think they are up to no good.

4. Although They Always Use The Snapchat App, You Don't Find Any Activity

You can see that your partner is on Snapchat a lot, but when you look at their phones, there's nothing to see. Although the app has self-destructive messages, when you can't find any active messages even though they spend a lot of their time on the app is a sign they are hiding something.


The chances are that they are probably cheating on you, which is why they make sure they don't leave any messages behind when they log off.

5. Their Snapchat Emojis Leave You Suspicious

Snapchat has emojis that define relationships between Snapchatters. By looking at these emojis, you can tell if the person chats most with you or someone else you don't know about.


You can also see if he/she has been on a messaging streak of late with someone you don't even know about. That can give you clues as to whether a potential partner has made them hooked on the app lately.

6. The Laugh A Lot While Looking At Their Phones

People don't easily smile or laugh while looking at their phones, even when looking at nothing but hilarious memes. But when someone is always laughing and getting excited when looking at their phone, chances are that they are flirting with someone.


So, if someone can't seem to get off Snapchat and is always so excited while chatting on it, that might be a very good sign they are cheating on you through this popular app.

7. You Always Find Them On The Snapchat App

Whenever you log in to Snapchat, you are practically certain to find them there. If they just had random communications with friends, then they would not be spending so much time on the app.


Many typical users use the app sporadically or only when a special romantic interest is online to engage them. So, if your partner is spending so much of their time on the app, and they are not spending it chatting with you, you have to wonder who they are talking to.

8. They Seem To Care So Much About Their Appearance Lately

There is nothing strange about people wanting to look their best. But if your partner has been so concerned about their appearance of late, and it's not like they are going out more, then you might have a reason to be concerned about them.


Maybe they are sprucing up their looks to impress their new Snapchat catch.

9. You Can Hear Them Snapping In Secret

Fortunately, most cheaters are not rocket scientists. Many don't have the sense to turn off the sound on their phones while taking snaps to send to their partners in crime.

So, you might hear them taking snaps a lot when away from sight. It could be in the bathroom or somewhere else.


You should be particularly concerned if it seems like the person leaves your presence specifically to take such pictures or record videos to share with people you don't know about. This could even mean they are sending intimate photos of themselves to secret lovers.

If their snaps were so innocent, would they go to so much trouble to hide what they were doing?

10. The Person Has Grown Distant

In all forms of cheating, the perpetrator will seem more distant when guilty. This does not happen out of the blues.


So, if they have been suspecting that they have been up to something sinister on Snapchat, and now they seem quite distant, then there is a very good chance they are unfaithful through this app.

How To Handle Snapchat Cheating

1. Make Sure They Have Snapchat App On Their Phones

You cannot accuse someone of cheating on you through Snapchat if you are not even sure they have the app installed on their phones.


But if they have the app installed on their phones, then you can start looking into how much they use the app and the kinds of people they might be using it with.

2. Install The Snapchat App On Your Phone

Having suspicions that someone is cheating on you through Snapchat is not enough. You should also have evidence, and that starts with installing the app on your phone as well if you haven't already.


After you install the app, add them and you will be in a better position to monitor their app usage behavior and know whether they are cheating on you through it or not.

3. Make Good Use Of The Snap Map

Snapchat, just like many other social media apps we have today, can easily track your location and share it with others.


Snap Map is a feature that lets you see where your Snapchat friends are. With this tool, you can always tell where your partner is, and if you are suspicious about their movements, you can always ask them what they were up to.

4. Confrontation

Sometimes people become unfaithful because they put themselves into situations they can't get themselves out of. Maybe the chatting started innocently enough, and things have progressed so much since then and lines have been crossed.


It might be that the person does not feel like something is wrong, but if you confront them and tell them you have noticed their strange behavior, that might get them back to their senses.

This will make them realize they neglected you and even betrayed you emotionally, and they might stop completely.

5. Using A Snapchat Spy App

If you are pretty confident that your partner is really up to no good and they are using Snapchat to betray you, you can go all out and spy on them.


To do this, you can use a Snapchat spy app, and there are many options available.

With this app, you can see who their friends are, the messages they have been sharing, the videos and photos they have taken, and where they have been going based on their Snap Map.

This should obviously be the last resort when you cannot take their sneaking around any longer. Fortunately, this method can ensure that you know once and for all your partner is cheating. A spy app is also one of the best ways to find out who your boyfriend is Snapchatting.


6. End The Relationship

If your cheating partner has become a repeat offender even after warning them to stop multiple times, then the best option might be to end the relationship.

It sucks living with a partner you cannot trust. And if they have proved time and again that they don't deserve your trust, then there's no reason to keep them around and let them ruin your happiness.


Even if they don't see how having online relationships is a problem, don't bother trying to convince them otherwise.

You will be better off ending the relationship. In fact, that will increase your chances of meeting someone who respects you enough to avoid doing such nonsense behind your back.

Snapchat cheating is real, and you should not tolerate it once you discover your partner is a culprit. You can give them a second chance if you want, but if that fails, it is worth considering whether to remain in the relationship or not.