Smuggler Caught Hiding Almost A Kilogram Of Gold Up His Butt

Officers arrested a man smuggling almost a kilogram (2 pounds) of gold in his butt.

While on duty, Indian airport authorities notice a man walking strangely at Kerala's Kannur airport.

The officers then took the man to a secure place at the airport. After searching him, they discovered the shiny cargo in his butt.

smuggler caught hiding almost a kilogram of gold up his butt

According to reports, the man was trying to evade paying an 18 percent customs duty. So he decided to hide his precious nuggets where the sun doesn't shine.

However, he wasn't smart enough as airport officials mined the stash, worth about $60,000, from his butt.

When they weighed the precious metal, it came to a total of 1470 grams in compound form.

Sharing their bizarre discovery on Facebook, the airport officers wrote:

AIU Kannur seized 1470gm gold in compound form (1316gm extracted) from a passenger who arrived from Dubai by flight G8 4013.

The gold was concealed in his rectum.

smuggler caught hiding almost a kilogram of gold up his butt

The officers also shared a few images of the gold, which appears to have been melted into around seven bars.

Still, it looks fairly uncomfortable to stash these bars inside your bum, to say the least.

While this particular technique is quite unusual, smuggling gold is common among people traveling from Arabic states to India.

In fact, police arrested another passenger on the same flight, smuggling more than 3 pounds of gold.

smuggler caught hiding almost a kilogram of gold up his butt

However, officials did not disclose if that traveler had concealed it the same way as the butt-smuggling guy.

smuggler caught hiding almost a kilogram of gold up his butt

Customs officials said travelers entering India have come up with several ways to conceal their gold and avoid tax. And most passengers hid their nuggets in chocolate boxes, purses, umbrellas, and pens.

Also, this month, they caught people hiding gold in toothpaste.

Some also hid the gold in bizarre places. For instance, one particular person had lined her underwear with the precious metal.

Earlier this year, customs officials in Kerala found 66lbs of gold with a value of $1.84 million hidden in cylindrical locks.

Is it worth smuggling seven gold bars up your bum?

Well, you'd have to be very desperate to want to smuggle that huge amount of gold inside your bottom. Because walking with a butt stashed with up to seven bars inside would be so painful.

Of course, the man who smuggled the seven gold bars could still earn profit even with the tax. However, he decided to take the risk.

Though it's clear the world is going through hard times, but this case has got us all thinking, was it worth all the pain still?