Smart Girls Remain Single Until The Right Guy Comes

Smart Girls Remain Single Until The Right Guy Comes

Be completely honest. How many intelligent single people have you met in your life?

More than a lot, right?

Ever wondered why that's the case? It's not a coincidence, you know.

And no, it has nothing to do with single girls being intimidating to guys. At least not always.

They are not arrogant either and therefore obnoxious to most people.

Smart girls also don't think relationships are a waste of their precious time. Actually, they understand the value of a relationship better than most people.

And they are not full of themselves either. I am sure you can admit to the fact that many egotistical and selfish people you have met are complete idiots.

Smart Girls Are Often Single Because They Understand Their Worth

They can't settle, and it makes sense. Why would they waste their precious time with the wrong guy when the goal is to find the perfect partner?

In relationships, not all suitors make the cut. That's the brutal truth, the heartbreaks aside.

We need to be with people who add to what we can offer and make us inspired to become the best we can be.

Sure, there are men who will flee as soon as they notice intelligence in a girl. But the right man will stand his ground and make more effort to keep the relationship going.

True, intelligent and strong people can be fiercely independent.

But they are also very faithful and committed to what they do, including relationships. And believe it or not, that's worth its weight in gold.

Smart Girls Speak Their Minds, And They Know What They Want

So, it is not the fear of heartbreaks that keep them single. They just know it's pointless to force something that was never meant to be into becoming a relationship.

They have good self-esteem, and they don't need to be in relationships to feel whole.

When they get into relationships, it's because they want something real and fulfilling.

These girls don't play by society's rules. They are smart and confident enough to go after what they truly want.

They know the value of personal happiness.

A Smart Woman Always Has Something She Is Working On

She does not let her energy go to waste. She has a lot of focus, and she prefers valuable connections with other people, and not only for romance.

A smart girl appreciates getting exposed to new experiences, cultures, and perspectives.

She wants to learn and improve herself.

She knows how to find joy and happiness outside of relationships. And she understands that getting into some relationships can be a huge mistake.

She is also what you might call a go-getter.

She values time alone as much as she values time with those she cares about.

A Smart Girl Does Not Need Other People's Validation

She already knows how to succeed with no one's help.

She understands that being in a relationship requires her to sacrifice her independence.

Sometimes, she wants to hold off getting into a relationship because she knows it will hold her back.

A Smart Girl Has No Time For Immature Men

She wants true love, and anyone else is not even worth their attention.

A smart woman can find happiness with or without a relationship. She knows how to find personal fulfillment.

She is obviously open to the idea of being in a relationship. But it has to be the right relationship.

So, when the right guy comes along, she will commit fully and give it her all because she understands the value of a good relationship.