Small Boobs Girl, I Envy Your Petite Breasts And Here Is Why

Small Boobs Girl, I Envy Your Petite Breasts And Here Is Why

Not satisfied with your small boobs? I'm here to change your mind. Let's explore why petite breasts are actually more of a gift than a curse.

Small Boobs Versus The World

Hey you, whose bra sizes don't go beyond B cup! How awesome is it to have small boobs?

Not much? Well, I beg to differ.

We might live in a world where busty ladies are anywhere from car shows to baby food commercials, but this doesn't mean that having petite breasts makes you any less of a woman.


For starters, loving your body doesn't really come in sizes. We have to learn to accept ourselves just the way we are.

It would be unfair not to mention that right now is a wonderful time to appreciate yourself in any shape and form. Celebrities are speaking up about crucial things like mental health and body positivity. Global companies target a wider variety of sizes.

Of course, the local store's inventory is not exactly a valid tool in self-love, but it might help.


What's more, small boobs are wildly admired by curvier ladies, who'd pay the last dime to reduce the weight on their chest.

Because while a bigger bosom might look conventionally sexier, it is a lot to carry. Literally.

Still not convinced that small boobs rule the world? Well, I've got a few heavy-duty arguments to prove my case.

Let's call them perks of being perky.

Perk 1: Small Boobs Are Sexy

You may not agree right away, but small boobs are generally more attractive than over-sized ones. In fact, nearly 12% of men in the survey from 2017 confirmed that they prefer smaller cup sizes.


It also indicated that the vast majority, 53% of surveyed males, said they liked medium boobs. The medium was equal to a handful in their description, accounting for most men's hand sizes, isn't anywhere over a B cup.

According to the same survey, it wasn't even the size that mattered. Petite breasts tend to come in nicer shapes compared to their larger sisters.

To get a clear visual, picture a braless side-boob in as many sizes as possible. I can assure you that while a petite breasts girl will be displaying an intriguing curve, it'll look more like a flap on anyone over the D cup.


So, we've pretty much established that small boobs are a win-win with no clothes on. But what about covering them up?

Perk 2: Petite Breasts Are Easier To Style

My pain, as a DD cup girl, is bra shopping. The pieces I like will only look good on small boobs. While the ones that suit me look more like military apparel.

Specifically: bralettes. Those lacy bastards look like they come from lingerie heaven, but, of course, they provide zero support.


Same goes for crop-tops, strapless dresses, low cut necklines and so on.

Did you know that large-breasted celebrities have to duct tape their gals to rock a red-carpet look? Well, now imagine ripping that off at the end of the night. Ouch, I know.

If you look at the majority of the runway shows, the models there barely even have boobs, to begin with. So, very logically, girls with petite breasts have an easier time shopping altogether.


And while we are on the topic of clothes, let's circle back to bras just one more time.

Perk 3: Bye Bye Bra

Bras are a great invention, but many girls with petite breasts don't need them as much. And oh, just how wonderful that sounds to anyone with bigger boobs!

While being very supportive in a literal way, bras can also be torture devices. The padding makes you suffocate in the summer. The straps cut into your skin like rope and the pesky underwire is just waiting for an opportunity to escape and stab you.


Additionally, girls with small boobs tend to have better posture since their backs don't rely on a piece of fabric to carry the weight.

Of course, ladies who have petite breasts face other issues that go hand in hand with going braless, such as exposed hard nipples or sheer clothing. There are solutions to solve these, however.

Such as sports bras and bralettes with gentle padding or an extra layer of clothing in some cases.


But will the unsupported breasts sag faster, you might ask. Well, yes and no.

Perk 4: Small Boobs Defy Gravity (For The Most Part)

Technically, since small boobs are lighter, they should sag less than the big ones. And that's partially true.

The real enemy of women with both petite breasts and larger boobs is elasticity.


During the younger years, our skin holds more moisture and therefore appears both tighter and smoother. With age, however, the level of moisture drops, and the skin begins to stretch.

So, the sad truth is: all boobs will sag. The good news for girls with small boobs here is that theirs will sag much more slowly.

While the big boobs will aim for the ground as soon as they stop growing, petite breasts will spend several happy years facing the Sun. Just don't forget the sunscreen.


Last but not least, what about the sexual pleasure for girls with small boobs?

Perk 5: Petite Breasts Are More Sexually Sensitive

Forget whatever you saw in porn. Nothing is real there anyway.

According to research, women with small boobs tend to experience higher levels of sensitivity in the breast area. 24% higher than the big breasts.


That's a whole quarter more of sexy pleasure, and who would possibly say no to that?

Plus, a lot of positions are easier to perform for proud carriers of petite breasts. Starting from the common cowgirl to an acrobatic head over heels: the less there is in the way, the better.

So far, we can observe that having small boobs is pretty great. But if you suddenly started feeling unseen because I didn't mention all the petite breasts struggles — keep reading.


Small Boobs Problems

Every coin has two sides, so does every boob size. While petite breasts are gorgeously sexy and convenient to carry around, they come with their own set of issues.

The same survey indicated 11% of men liking small boobs and 53% liking average ones, 35% of surveyed males admitted to choosing bigger breasts.

While this might seem unfair on the one hand, there is a silver lining. By weeding out the guys who are in it for the size, you are actually excluding men who objectify women's bodies.


Here is also a fun statistical fact: economically stable men prefer small natural boobs over big fake ones. So next time some jerk suggests you get implants, know that his pockets are most likely empty.

Another petite breast struggle is the boyish look that many women perceive as the complete opposite of femininity. Listen, girl, you don't need huge boobs to feel like a woman.

Being a female is far beyond physical. Choose to feel like a woman by dressing the way you like, accomplishing everything, and being a great person altogether.


Trust me, or ask anyone close to you: do small boobs make you less of a woman? The answer is: absolutely not.

And finally, petite breasts are often associated with younger age. This might not seem like a big problem, but studies show this major concern for small chested ladies out there.

Well, first, there is nothing wrong with being young. There will come a time when you'll be flattered to get ID'd in a liquor store.


Until then, enjoy your body for what it is. Believe me. No one is going to think you are twelve if you're able to participate in an intellectual conversation or complain about taxes.

Petite Breasts Are The Best

Bottom line: small boobs, big boobs, no boobs — all are equally worthy and sexy. Take a nice long look at your petite breasts and thank them for being there just the way they are.


And whenever you feel like big boob girls have got it better, hit me up and I'll prove you otherwise.