Sly Husband's Unexpected Alibi For Cheating

Cheating is undeniably a tough situation many face in relationships. Whether you're the one being betrayed or the betrayer, it brings tons of strain and tension.

Interestingly, as challenging as it is, infidelity often serves as the punchline for many jokes. It's behind numerous comedic tales, including this fresh one right here.

If you've ever been in a relationship with trust issues, this might sting a bit. But give it a read and see if you don't end up chuckling at this sly husband's move.


A man was secretly seeing his assistant behind his wife's back.

One afternoon, things heated up at the office, and they dashed to her place.

Tired after their escapade, they dozed off, waking up at nearly 8 in the evening.

As the man scrambled into his clothes, he instructed the lady to drag his shoes over the grass and soil.

Baffled, she did as told. He then put on his shoes and drove home.


"Where have you been all day?" his wife asked sternly.

"Honey," the man said earnestly, "I have to be honest.

I've been with my assistant.

We fell asleep at her place and only woke up this evening."

His wife looked at his shoes, smirking, "You're lying! You were out golfing!"