Slow Down, You Are Moving Too Fast!

You've been waiting for more than two decades to find your dream man. So, once you finally find him, why rush things? Unless you're trying to emulate Andie Anderson from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, it's best to take things slowly. Guys need some time to get used to a new relationship. If you don't remain calm and give him space, he'll probably leave before the ten-day mark. Here are 14 signs that you're moving too fast and need to back off slowly.

1. You Just Met Last Friday And You Haven't Seen The Inside Of Your Apartment Since

You need to go home, like, right now. Even if it's just to take care of your plants and brush your teeth, he needs to know that you have another place to go if (or when) things don't work out between you two.

2. You Don't Know His Last Name, But You're Planning On Taking It One Day (Soon)

Before planning your entire wedding and wondering about his proposal, it's best to go on a few dates first, rather than jumping the gun and appearing overly eager.

3. You've Been On Two Dates And Already Changed Your Profile Picture And Relationship Status

You sent his mom a birthday card that was signed "your future daughter-in-law." However, until he puts a ring on it, she probably thinks of you as just the "future crazy ex-girlfriend."

4. You've Stopped Taking The Pill

If you decide to stop taking the pill without discussing it with your partner, no matter how long you have been together, it is premature.

5. You Went Out Once And Already Deleted Your Tinder Account

Although you may be an eternal optimist, it is important to be realistic. Going on a single good date does not automatically mean that you are in a relationship. Therefore, until you have had the "Define The Relationship" (DTR) conversation with this person, you should not close yourself off to other potential partners.

6. It's All About The Sex And Not Getting To Know Each Other

You may be intimately familiar with every inch of your partner's naked body, but you may not even know basic information about his life, such as his profession, alma mater, or siblings.

7. You Drop Everything For Him

Even if you made plans with your sister before you met your partner, it is not acceptable to drop her at a moment's notice for him. While he may be excited to see you, constantly prioritizing him over other important people in your life can be perceived as weak and make you appear easily dominated. Set boundaries at the start of your relationship and let him know that you value other relationships in your life as well.

8. You're Oversharing Your Life Story

During the initial stages of dating, you shared all your personal information with him. Consequently, he knows everything there is to know about you, leaving no mystery. Don't rush to reveal every detail about yourself; there will be ample time for that later in the relationship. For instance, you can narrate the story about falling off your bike when you were ten years old after a while.

9. You Made Him Your Emergency Contact

Although having your parents listed as your emergency contact in your 30s can be embarrassing, it's more awkward to have your ex know your personal information because you forgot to remove him from your paperwork. It's wise to keep your parents as your emergency contacts until you get engaged, as it's a safer option.

10. You Introduce Him To Your Friends And Family As Your Boyfriend, When You Had A Different Boyfriend Two Weeks Ago

Even if you're comfortable referring to him as your boyfriend, it's essential to confirm if he's comfortable with it. Moreover, it's crucial to consider that others may need some time to adjust to your new relationship status. Therefore, it's advisable to give everyone some time to catch up with your relationship.

11. You're Packing His Lunch/Ironing His Clothes/ Doing His Laundry/ Cleaning His Apt/ Etc

If you are not his mother, maid, or secretary, it's best to leave the boxer briefs alone and let him handle their washing himself. Consider these three questions before deciding to do his laundry.

12. You're Calling His Dog "Our Dog"

It's great that you love your partner's dog and want to help with walks and feeding, but be careful not to refer to it as "our" dog too soon. This might lead your partner to think that you'll want custody even after the relationship ends.

13. You're Referring To His Place As "Our Place"

Even though you spend most nights together and have a designated drawer, unless your name is on the lease or your mail is delivered there, it's still his place. Therefore, it's important to respect his space by not moving around his belongings or purchasing new furniture.

14. You've Said I Love You

Expressing your love after only one week may seem sweet, but it's important to be cautious with your words. It's not always necessary to vocalize everything you feel, especially when it comes to strong emotions like love. It's best to wait until you're a few months into the relationship and both feel the same way before saying the L word.