Six Things You Probably Don't Know About Anthony Bourdain

six things you probably don’t know about anthony bourdain

Just when you thought you have known all there was to Bourdain, the brilliant storyteller, television show host, and chef, you find out there is a lot more you never knew about him.

In addition to creating award-winning television shows, writing popular cookbooks, and being a world-class chef, Bourdain also talked about things like the hotel he would like to spend the rest of his life in.

Anthony Bourdain shared many personal secrets during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), proving to many of his fans that they didn't know as much about the man as they thought they did.

As with the rest of his life, Bourdain did not hold anything back when answering these random questions from fans, and here are some of the highlights.

1. Bourdain Was Scared Of Switzerland

One fan wanted to know about countries Bourdain was most eager to visit next. At the time, he had already visited 75 countries.

Instead, he mentioned that he had never been to Switzerland and that he was not eager to visit the country either.

Apparently, he had a childhood-born phobia of the country, and he went on to confess:

"You'll notice I've never done a show there."

As it turns out, the country has "haunting vistas-like a mural of Lake Geneva with snowcapped peaks and yodelers" that scared him. Then, he went on to explain, there were dogs "with barrels under their necks."

Bourdain found this unsettling.

This revelation was a shock to many considering all the scary countries he had traveled to during his adventures. For instance, he had lunch with President Obama in Vietnam, and even dared to travel through "the Democratic Not-So-Democratic Republic of Congo."

2. Favorite Tacos In The World

When asked about the best tacos, Bourdain referred his fans to a place called La Guerrerense in Ensenada in Baja, Mexico, but only if they wanted the best tostada.

3. Favorite Comfort Food

Bourdain admitted that he was greatly attracted to macaroni and cheese, which he described as an "unholy and guilty attraction."

He said that he got crazy cravings for Popeye's mac and cheese, and he would often try to disguise himself and get into one just to get his hands on this meal.

4. Food He Would Have Liked To See Go Away

Bourdain had very strong words about his dislike for the pumpkin spice craze, he said the trend should be "drowned in its own blood. Quickly."

5. On His Ideal Retirement Destination

Apparently, at first, Bourdain thought Vietnam would be a great place for him to retire. However, he later changed his mind and opted for Italy:

"I like it there! I like the food. All those carbs are dangerous but Italy's a pretty nice place."

6. Where He Had The Best Sandwich

When he was away traveling, the sandwich Bourdain missed the most was pastrami on rye from Pastrami Queen in New York.

He also mentioned a sandwich at the Ace Hotel that he described as "insanely delicious, super crispy..."

If you thought you knew a lot about Bourdain, you certainly know a lot more now. As it turns out, although the popular chef was an open book, there is still a lot we didn't know about him.