Six Surprising Tips For A Better Inflow Of Money

Six Surprising Tips For A Better Inflow Of Money

Positioning your items and things in a certain way around your home or office can result in a more significant inflow of money. This may all sound a little weird and far-fetched, but not according to feng shui. According to feng shui, this is extremely important to help with a good flow of abundance. Who doesn't want that in their lives?

Throughout the day we touch all sorts of things whose energy along with our own energy, can do amazing things for us without realizing it.


Money has its own energy. It often represents the type of energy that improves our mood, makes us feel happy and content.

The trick is to try and ensure a smooth flow of energy in our homes and lives in general. And with some helpful tips from feng shui, any one of us can make that happen.

Below I have compiled a list of six Feng Shui tips that help provide a greater inflow of money and abundance to your home.


1. Anything Broken, Fix It. Pay Special Attention To Faucets And Leaky Roofs

In terms of Feng shui, water represents two important things, money and emotion. The reason why faucets and leaky roofs are important is pretty simple: water flows and money and emotions are the types of energy that similar to water, have a flow to them. Anything that is leaking is draining you of this energy, wasting the energy connected to it. So fix anything that's broken, especially any leaks you have, no matter how small. Fix things in your home, fix things in your life.


2. Keep The Toilet Lid Closed

Bathrooms are a significant source of positive energy, but it's also the room that can drain the most energy. Water from the taps goes straight down the drains, same with the bath and flushing the toilet drains a large amount of energy. Because of this, it is a good idea to keep your toilet lid closed to prevent excess energy from leaving.

3. Clean Up Your Front Door

Your front door should be appealing to walk up to. So make sure it is kept tidy. Clear away any garbage, dead plants, old trees, broken paving, and lights as this will block the path of positive energy flowing to your home. Make sure your house number is visible so the energy can easily find its way to your home.


4. Symbols Should Be A Big Consideration

Be mindful as you walk in your front door as to what's on the left-hand side of the space you enter. Old Tibetan teachings say this is the part of your home that is closely connected and vitally important to money. So what have you there? Is everything tidy and neat, or is it a complete mess of old shoes and coats? To help have a good flow of stable energy and money, decorate your walls with some paintings of nature, trees, waterfalls, rivers, etc. All of these images symbolize freedom and helps evoke positive energy in your home. Fresh flowers are always great for proper energy flow too.


5. Make Sure Your Fireplace Is Kept Clean And Maintained

In Tibetan teachings, a wood stove represents wealth and abundance. So make sure your fireplace is maintained and the chimney swept regularly. By keeping on top of this sometimes overlooked area, you clear the path for the energy that helps create job opportunities and better profit. And who doesn't want that!

6. Appreciate The Money You Already Have

When you've gone through the above five steps, now it's time to look at your attitude towards money. Unbeknownst to ourselves, most of us pick up wrong beliefs with regards to money from our early childhood. You may have heard your parents negatively talk about money due to lack of it. Or associate money and being rich with corruption, or the wealth being obtained dishonestly. It's time to break those old beliefs and take on a new view of money. Start looking at your money as your reward for all your hard work. Start believing you deserve to be financially secure without any money worries. Start believing you have no money worries and watch how this becomes a reality.


In life, it doesn't matter whether you are spending, saving, or receiving money. Always be grateful. Be grateful you can pay a bill, be grateful you can save some.

The positive energy you have towards money will serve as a magnet for attracting more. So change how you view your money.