Six Reasons Why A Marriage Can Wait

Six Reasons Why A Marriage Can Wait

Everyone's getting married, and you're just working on taking over the world. No big deal…

Do you ever get the feeling you might get married to avoid awkward conversations with your family? Even if you have the right person, the timing might not be ideal, and that's why it's essential to listen to your gut: not aunties or mom's BFF.

Marry in haste, repent at leisure

English proverb

While you're not getting married, you can take the time to experience life and learn some valuable lessons. Maybe you'll discover you don't even care about the marriage, or you will know which kind of person you will want to give your heart to for good.

Invest In Friendships

Choosing the right group of friends is almost as hard as choosing a romantic partner for life.

Friends should be your support system, and with time, they'll know you more than you know yourself. When you're single, your friends will become as important as your family. And when you do meet your SO, don't let your friends down and disappear.

Figure Out Your Career Path

Your 20s and early 30 are ideal for figuring out what you want to in your life. You should try to turn your passions into something profitable, and that's not something that will happen overnight.

Once you are on the right path, you'll feel more content, at peace, and you'll discover more self-respect and self-love. All that will make you a better spouse when the time comes.

Don't Settle

As your friendship circle gets closer and your career is on the rise, you'll learn not to settle.

Marrying the wrong person at the wrong time is a mistake that might follow you forever. Take your time; it's not a race. The more you get to know yourself, the more likely you will find someone with similar values.

Marriage Is Not A Game

You're tired of being single or casually dating. That's ok, but do you need to marry the first, equally desperate person to get some excitement?

The only person who can make you happy is you. Finding the right person is going to feel so much better if you're getting married because your heart says so. Not because you're bored or in lust.

Children Can Wait

Enough talk about the biological clock! We get, women aren't as fertile in their 30s as they are in their 20s. Should we just give birth and lead miserable lives with equally unhappy children because of nature's cruel games?

Kids won't make you complete. They will be everything you ever dreamed of and more. But becoming a parent is the most significant responsibility. You want to have happy and healthy kids, and you're the one responsible for them until they are adults.

You will never be ready to be a parent, but having a supportive partner will make it easier. Additionally, your children will be happier if they're growing up in a warm, loving environment.

Your Idea Of A Perfect Partner Will Change

There's no such thing as the ideal partner. You will have to compromise, but when you are young, you get easily sucked into the idea of a Hallmark marriage.

Your person should be someone who will be their best version for your relationship. And vice versa, you'll love and respect them enough, so your good qualities will shine. True love is more than butterflies; it's based on sharing responsibilities, communicating, overcoming obstacles, and mutual partnership.

There's a reason why fairytales end, "and they lived happily ever after." The idea is that everyone has a different definition of what that might be, so figure it out. Kiss a lot of frogs, but don't marry one!