Beckett Burge was only 2 years old when doctors announced he had lymphoblastic leukemia. That was in August of 2018. This kind of cancer starts in the white blood cells in the bone marrow.

That marked a complete turnaround for the young boy’s life. He would now spend a lot of time in the hospital getting chemotherapy and blood and platelet transfusions.

But amid all this agony, one thing stood out–his sister’s support.

Aubrey was forever by Beckett’s side, giving him all the support he needed.

sister comforts sick brother battling leukaemia in heartbreaking photo

What’s even more intriguing is that she is only 14 months older than the boy. Yet, she became a caring bigger sister; everyone wishes they had.

She also says her brother is her ‘best friend,’ according to their mother, Kaitlin.

Aubrey would rather stay and watch her brother than go out to play with friends.

Her big heart would not go unnoticed.

sister comforts sick brother battling leukaemia in heartbreaking photo

Their mother took a photo of the pair in January. Aubrey was by her brother’s side as he was bent over a toilet. She was rubbing his back reassuringly.

Kaitlin recounts how afterward, Aubrey washed her hands and carried her bother to the couch, and she offered to help clean the bathroom.

The image showed the power of love and the strength of family bonds during trying times. She wanted the world to see this, which is why she shared it.

“When I see them together, it makes me happy, but at the same time, it makes me sad. They have an incredible bond. To this day, they are closer; she always takes care of him.”

“A child that’s four or five years old should be outside playing with their friends. She loves gymnastics, and we had to put a stop to that because of the financial burden. It got too expensive with his situation. She should be out doing gymnastics, running around the neighborhood with the kids, playing in the playground, swimming in the pool – but here she is, taking care of her brother. They’re very close – they always played together. He’d play dolls with her, and she’d play superheroes with him. We encourage her to go outside and do things, but she’d rather have her eyes on him.“

The love Aubrey showed towards her brother was not unrequited. She took a month-long break from staying at the hospital to attend her fifth birthday.

sister comforts sick brother battling leukaemia in heartbreaking photo

After the toll this ruthless disease had on him, the boy was not as energetic as the sister remembered. This led to a barrage of questions to her parents about his condition.

According to the mother:

“She’s (Aubrey) watched a dozen doctors throw a mask over his face, poke and prod him with needles, pump a dozen medications through his body, all the while he lay there helplessly. “

“She wasn’t sure what was happening. All she knew was that something was wrong with her brother, her best friend.”

“We explained that he got really sick, this is what happened, it was nothing he ate or did, nothing she did, it can’t be prevented, and it’s not going to happen to her. We explained everything to her and got our social worker involved.”

“We’ve been very open with her, so we talk through it with her about any questions that she ever has. We explain it with Beckett in the room as well. He’ll tell people, ‘I have cancer.’ He knows what he has. We make sure she’s very supportive and knows it doesn’t make him any different.

Chemotherapies are difficult for everyone, let alone a child this young. But unfortunately, two years of chemo still await Beckett.

But with his incredibly loving and supportive sister by his side, he clearly has all he needs to get through it like a champ.

We wish him the best.