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Singles, The Kiss Cup Coffee Lid Is Finally Here

Singles, The Kiss Cup Coffee Lid Is Finally Here

Being single makes you the butt of many hurtful jokes, and you can't help but laugh along and pretend they don't get to you.

What's worse is that happy couples everywhere seem to go the extra mile to remind you how much romance and affection you are lacking in your life.

But now, you can fight back against this humiliation as you sip on your daily cup of coffee. This special cup is called the kissing coffee cup lid.

That's a brilliant and passion-filled combo right there-coffee and kisses.

Before you dismiss this idea as a joke, there are a few things you should know about this cup lid by Jang WooSeok.

singles, the kiss cup coffee lid is finally here

1. It Also Comes With A Nose

According to the cup's creator, the nose was not part of the initial idea. But after some testing on a lips-only lid, it was clear the kiss was missing something.

Long story short, it was the nose. The cup also looked like an ancient Greek statue after the little tweak, which made the invention look more artistic than functional. That's a plus.

2. You Will Get A Unique Experience

How many people don't love coffee or kisses? Few I suppose. Therefore, this cup gives you two of your favorite things at once. You can throw away the straw and get a little action as you enjoy your favorite beverage. Try not to get too carried away by the kiss in public though, that wouldn't help your chances of ever getting a human kiss.

3. Yes, It's Humorous

Before you say this product is creepy, consider the sense of humor it brings to the table. Even the inventor knows how hilarious it is, and that was partly the reason he came up with it. There's even a fun pun message on the lid: "Caution: I'm hot." So, don't take this coffee cup lid too seriously and you will have lots of fun with it.

4. The Inventor Has Other Fun Inventions As Well

You didn't think the kiss cup coffee lid was the only interesting idea this Korean inventor had, did you? He is also credited with coming up with an amazing eco-toilet, which unexpectedly, is a massage brush that goes on your computer mouse. Confused? Check it out and learn what it's about.

He has also made the cool bike chair and other fun and interesting things. So, as you shop for the kiss cup coffee lid, you can also check out these other products. Who knows? You might find something else you really like

A good cup of coffee in the morning feels heavenly, and so does a morning kiss. Today, you can have both even without the love of your life waking up beside you and planting a warm kiss on you with the amazing yet humorous kiss cup coffee lid. Singles, this is for you. Take that, showy lovey-dovey couples.