Single Mother Strips For Younger Men To Pay For Retirement And "They Love It"

The name Elaina St. James may mean nothing to most of us. But the truth is that behind the name and the face of this woman stands a noble cause.

Something big that can soften even the coldest heart.

Recently, Elaina St James of Illinois presented something that sounds quite unbelievable. She claimed that she is among the most successful ladies over 55, earning thousands of dollars each month. And all of this by stripping for younger men.

She undresses for the younger male population and uses the money she earns to fund her retirement.

No matter how weird this may sound, it is something that she is not afraid to admit. It is who she is.

Before she decided to become an OnlyFans model, Elaina was working an ordinary office job from nine to five. It wasn't something that brought her a lot of money. She earned $26,000 per year.

However, Elaina was not happy because it wasn't something that could promise her a bright future.

She was aware that instead of enjoying her days as a retired woman, there might be a time in her life when she wouldn't be able to stop working because of the money issue.

So, she decided that it was time to try something new.

In April 2021, she joined OnlyFans. And soon, the financial worries she had were a long gone history.

Believe it or not, Elaina now earns $50,000 (£44,613) monthly.

And she made quite a bold point - that women over 40 still have a lot to offer:

"People say that when you hit 40, you become invisible to men. I am proving them wrong. And my fans aren't just men in my age bracket – most are 20- and 30-year-olds."

When people start commenting about her age, she shares that the younger male population truly accepts her for who she is:

"My fans are overwhelmingly younger than me. I'm flattered and honestly amused that most of my fans are so young."

However, she is happy that she will finally have a comfortable retirement:

"I was barely scraping by and thought I would be 75 and working at Starbucks with another job on the side."

Elaina shared that it wasn't easy to make ends meet:

"I was really penny-pinching before, comparing frozen pizzas that cost around $5 and always picking the cheapest option."

Also, Elaina is a fierce mama to a teenage son, and she has his full support for everything she does:

"I don't care about what people think about my lifestyle, I have no shame about it. I restarted my life at 54 after a lifetime of regular jobs and being a single mum with no support. As long as my son is happy, so am I."

Elaina also shared that online trolls can be a bit annoying for her.

They always tend to criticize her "mom body." But as long as she is happy and feels confident in her skin, nothing else matters.