Single Mom Who Worked 2 Jobs To Support Kids Now Makes $240 An Hour As A Cam Girl

single mom who worked 2 jobs to support kids now makes $240 an hour as a cam girl

Life can change in an instant. Rachel Kelly, for instance, went from holding down two jobs to feed her kids to earn $240 an hour as a cam girl with Off The Record.

The 29-year-old woman from Cardiff in Wales now makes more than four times her previous salary.

She Didn't Plan On It

Rachel had never considered doing this kind of work in the past. But an advertisement got her curious enough to try:

"I saw an advert for it in a magazine and just thought, 'Wow, that looks really interesting."

At the time, she was working as a mechanical engineer and doing a takeaway job:


"I was working an evening job as a delivery driver for a Chinese takeaway as well as my main job in mechanical engineering. I just wanted to make a bit of extra money and I thought 'that looks perfect, you can do it from home', so I quit my takeaway job."

Money Was Not All She Cared About

Being a single mom with two kids can make your dating life a little hard. Meeting men who would be interested in having a romantic relationship with her, despite her busy life centered on two kids and two jobs, was quite a challenge.

She thought being a cam girl would improve her dating prospects:

"The prospect of kick-starting my sex life after having two kids was appealing too."


Being A Cam Girl Gives Her More Time To Spend With Her Kids

single mom who worked 2 jobs to support kids now makes $240 an hour as a cam girl
single mom who worked 2 jobs to support kids now makes $240 an hour as a cam girl

Rachel is a great mom. After parting ways with her husband, she did not want her girls to feel the change in their financial status.

After all, the household went from having two incomes to having just a single income. That is why she took an extra job.

With that decision, she managed to provide for her kids, but at the expense of spending less time with them.

But now, doing cam work gives her more flexibility, so she has more time for her kids:


"I'm not just doing this for my children, because I could do any job to provide for them, this one gives me flexibility and time to do the school run – that's what I like about it."

She Is Also In School Working Towards A Degree

Rachel is yet to complete her mechanical engineering degree. She is studying at Open University, and she had a position with an engineering company before coronavirus began.

But soon, she was laid off. At that point, the cam job became her full-time job since she had already quit her takeaway job:

"I had a slight moment of panic but I was already doing cam work in the evenings and ultimately I knew I could support myself with that. Things were never tight at home."


"I only work 30 hours a week but this is my only job at the moment, I've made about £6,000 in the past four months. My hourly rate is very much increased, I can make my whole month's wage in a week now. And I don't have to do all my cam work in the evenings, I can work during the day too."

She Keeps Her Work Away From Her Kids

The kids are still unaware of their mom's job. She has gone to a lot of lengths to keep the job under the wraps.

That is why she will not take any clients unless the kids are at school, busy with family, or asleep.

But the rest of her adult family knows about her job, and they fully support it. And even if she did not get that support, she wouldn't mind either:

"I just don't have time to deal with anybody's negative opinions. They will never affect me because I don't feel the slightest bit ashamed of what I do."

And neither should she. Rachel is a devoted mom doing everything she can to provide for her kids in every possible way, and there are few things more beautiful than that.