Most families love adopting children but very few consider taking a child with a special medical condition. One of these few is a single dad Lucas Trapanese who challenged the stereotypes of fatherhood, religion, and family by adopting a child.

The 41-year-old homosexual lives in Naples, Italy where his dream of becoming a dad was impossible because the social services don’t usually grant custody to single gay men. After going through several failed attempts in adopting, he was called and given the option of adopting a child with an illness, a severe disability or behavioral problems. With this option, Lucas instantly knew that his dreams of becoming a dad would soon be a reality.

As a teenager, Lucas’s best friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he had to stay with him until the very end. He said, “Diego’s death left me with a profound awareness of what living with illness meant, that is why I started volunteering with a church in Naples to help critically ill people and kids with disabilities.”

Lucas saw and felt all the pain, and desperation. so, he dedicated his teenage life helping, working and volunteering at local churches and organizations that focused on people and children with special medical conditions and disabilities.

After his training at a catholic seminary around age 25, Lucas fell in love with a man who he dated for 11 years and the pair founded their own charity to help people with disabilities. But unfortunately, they broke up before adopting their own child and starting a family.

In July 2017, Lucas happily adopted a down syndrome girl-Alba who was just 13-day-old.

During the adoption selection, Lucas admitted that he had always been scared of carrying a newborn baby, but he felt different when he first held Alba and instantly, he knew he was ready to be her dad.

“When I first held her in my arms, I was overcome with joy. I felt she was my daughter straight away,” he said.

Alba had a rough early life because as a baby, she was rejected by her mother because her mother noticed she was born with a special medical condition. But now, Lucas’s life practically revolves around Alba and he said that his daughter “revolutionized his life and everything revolves around her. She brought me happiness and a sense of fulfillment. I am proud to be her dad. I wanted her to be my daughter.”

Today, Alba is living well with a loving dad, family, friends, and grandparents who cherish her so much and her dad has also revealed that she has a strong personality and loves being around people.