Simple Yet Effective Ways To Turn Your Man On

Simple Yet Effective Ways To Turn Your Man On

Many women are interested in finding out how to turn a man on. Whether you have been dating for a while or whether this is a new relationship. There are certain techniques and methods you can use that are sure to get them hot under the collar.

Familiarizing yourself with some of these techniques means you will always feel in control, as you will know just what to do to get your man aroused and really turn him on. The great thing is that these methods are so subtle, your man won't even know what's hit him! So, in this article, we will look at some subtle yet effective methods you can use.

He Won't be Able to Get Enough of You!

By using the right methods to turn your man on, you will soon find that he cannot get enough of you. So, let's take a look at some of the methods you can use:

Lingering Kisses

If you have been out on a date and it is time to bid farewell to your partner, don't just give him a peck on the cheek or the lips. Instead, make that kiss linger for a moment or two longer than this, as this will definitely play on this mind in the right way. It doesn't matter whether you are kissing him on the lips or the cheek – making it linger for just the right amount of time will leave him wanting more.

Hand on the Thigh

By this, I don't mean grab his thigh – or anywhere further up. Placing your hand on his thigh should not be made to look purposeful but more like you have done it without thinking. For instance, if he is showing you something on his smartphone, rather than taking the phone off him, simply move in a little closer, place your hand on his thigh gently, and lean forward to take a look at the screen. You may not think he has noticed, but he will!


Whispering can be very sensual, and it is something that many men get turned on by. It is also a very simple yet effective solution. All you need to do is lean in and cup your hand over his ear as you whisper. However, as you do it, let your lips brush softly against his earlobe, which is a very sensual area for many men. Make sure you speak very softly when whispering, as you don't want to cross the line between sensual and ticklish!

Brushing Past Him

When you are in the same room as your man and you need to get past him, forget about waiting for him to move out the way – in fact, don't even bother saying 'excuse me'. Instead, simply make sure there is enough room to get through and edge past him, letting your body brush up against him as you do. You can even linger for a split second before you edge right past him. This is something that is a tremendous turn-on for many men.

Making Eye Contact

The power of eye contact cannot be underestimated, and it can be invaluable in many situations including when you want to turn a man on. Eye contact does not mean staring him out and looking like a stalker! Just make eye contact from across the table or room and hold that contact for a few seconds before looking away. You can even tease him with a very subtle smile playing around your lips as you make eye contact.

Make Him Feel He's the Only One

Not only will these methods make your man feel turned on, but they will also make him feel as though he is the only man in your life.