If there’s an animal that I can’t stand, it’s a mouse. The mere look of the little critter makes my skin crawl.

Any time I see one, a mousetrap is my immediate weapon of defense. I’m surprised at the lengths that some people can go through to make them comfortable.

Simon Dell, a wildlife photographer from the UK, spotted mice in his garden and immediately saw a beautiful chance to put his skills into practice. He knew he had to win them over if he wanted some nice pictures.

Simon didn’t use cheese as bait to catch the rodents. He went a step further and built them a house!

No, we’re not talking of a mansion or some fancy duplex. Just a simple structure to suit them. The mice were impressed and didn’t think twice about moving into it.

A castle fit for a mice family

The adorable structure is built from vegetables, wood, and other props that Simon came across around his home. It wasn’t long before the mice got too comfortable, allowing Simon to get some great and colorful pictures of them. The adorable props add a touch of uniqueness to the eye-catching images.

Simon managed to capture the hearts of the mice by providing them with nuts and berries. He has grown so fond of them that he even prepares a feast for them, complete with a bottle of water and plates.

It’s easy to see why the mice have struck an immediate friendship with Simon. He even puts some additional touches on their impressive little village once in a while and has named the mice George, Mildred, and Mini their baby. Talk about taking things a bit too far.

As if that’s not enough, Simon has taken his creativity to a whole new level by making means of transport for them to use. Particularly miniature motorcycles and bicycles.

The thought of them on these is quite hilarious. To keep them safe from pesky felines, Simon has constructed a log pile home for his new friends. They’re okay with it and don’t run and hide when he makes the move of improving their living standards.

The mice celebrate Christmas

The mice aren’t missing the wonderful opportunity to celebrate Christmas every year. Like other homeowners all across the world.

Simon decorates their houses with some cute decorations such as a gold-colored bow-tie and mistletoe instead of a Christmas tree. Throughout the entire year, the mice live knowing that they have all the care in the world. They don’t look for food; it’s brought to them right where they are.

At first, this home-building move was intended to get some pictures of the mice. Does he still take pictures of them, or has the profession now become a distant memory? That I’d like to know.

I congratulate Simon on his creativity and hospitality toward the mice. He has achieved something that few, if no one else can do, for the sake of his profession and the love of the mice. The homes look so cute. If they were bigger and roomier, I wouldn’t mind living in them myself!