Simon Cowell Is Recovering After Breaking Arm In E-Bike Accident

Simon Cowell Is Recovering After Breaking Arm In E-bike Accident

Simon Cowell broke his arm while riding his electric bike. He fell off the bike and got hospitalized in London.

Cowell hit a wet patch on the road and flew over the handlebars. He was turning around a sharp corner when the tires slipped and made him crash to the ground.

According to a report by the media, Cowell should be thanking his lucky stars for getting out of the accident alive as he was not wearing a helmet when the accident happened.

He was also riding at a speed of about 20 mph. Cowell was pedaling along with the electric motor when he hit a wet patch.

He landed in the middle of the road during his fall and began bleeding from his face. He was suspected of having suffered a concussion when he got to the hospital.

According to reports, America's Got Talent judge is now "absolutely fine." The 62-year-old has since left the hospital and is currently recovering at home.

He was seen in photos wearing a bright yellow cast.

Cowell has been in a biking accident before. In 2020, he broke his back and had to get surgery. At the time, the accident took place in Malibu, California.

After the accident, he suffered numerous back injuries that resulted in a six-hour surgery to repair the fractures he had suffered. A metal rod had to be implanted into his back to stabilize his injuries.

Cowell is set to be in America's Got Talent: Extreme, a show that NBC says will be about "the most outrageous, unique and jaw-dropping acts of enormous scale and magnitude that simply can't be confined to a theater stage."

Cowell helped create the spinoff series, and he will act as a judge alongside Nikki Bella, WWE star. The other judge will be Travis Pastrana, a rally car driver.

Terry Crews will host the show, and it will debut on Monday, February 21.