Silence Is Golden: Not Everyone Deserves Your Reaction

Silence Is Golden: Not Everyone Deserves Your Reaction

Silence is not the best, but sometimes it's the only answer. Not everyone is worthy of explanations and your wisdom.

Instead of wasting your strength, and pouring your emotions, maybe the answer is doing the exact opposite: not saying a darn word. When we are arguing, often, there comes a boiling point, where words turn into tears and screaming. Can anyone win in that fight? The person who chooses quietness instead of overreacting.

Don't waste your resources

People can annoy, stress you out, provoke, and use every trick in the book to feed their insecurities on your reactions. Let's face it, we are not always graceful when we find ourselves in such situations, so ask yourself: how many people deserve your energy, time, and explanations?

Additionally, the moment you silence yourself, you're raising above pettiness and sending a powerful message that you're worthy of respect. Even when you are in dispute with someone close, you can choose this path, without adding fuel to the fire.

Taking the high road

By choosing to give the only response which makes you a bigger person, it doesn't mean you agree with the other party.

Many will agree that silence is scarier than any word because it ends the drama. You are taking the higher road because you value yourself enough not to be involved in tense situations.

The perfect comeback

When we are arguing, it's easy to lose a compass and to start talking nonsense. Every so often, you'll get the sharp comeback, but is it worth it? And isn't your nonverbal communication stronger than anything you came up with during a heated argument?

No matter how smarter or how better you are in arguing, you're still investing your resources into it.

Health benefits

The moment you decide to give up sends a message to the brain to calm down. It won't happen instantly, but it's less stressful than replaying the game of: "If I only said this…"

There's a particular pride in knowing when to start your silent treatment. It's not a game, though screaming matches do remind us of crying babies. The difference is that babies cry because they can't talk.

Reopening the issue

Once you're both cooled off, you can start talking.

The debate doesn't mean you should sulk and avoid each other if you care for the other person.

When you're reviving the case, which caused the fight in the first place, create boundaries. At least your opponent knows that you're mature and brave enough to walk away without a word. That should be enough to teach them to be considerate.

Silence is loud and very telling. Not only are you saving your drive for something better, but you are also learning to deal with conflicts while growing as a person.

Remember, not every person deserves your words, but every feud can end quickly if you choose not to engage in name-calling and petty behavior.