Signs You've Finally Found A Healthy, Happy, Stable Relationship

Signs You've Finally Found A Healthy, Happy, Stable Relationship

A relationship is one of the most exciting commitments anyone can get into. You feel all warm inside and can't wait to be with your special one. Unfortunately, we don't always get rosy relationships. Here are a few signs to let you know that your relationship is sweet and healthy:

1. Insecurity Isn't In You

When you're confident in yourself, you're sure that the only woman who captivates your partner is you. Low self-esteem leads you to follow them everywhere, checking on them and constantly pestering them. Yes, pestering them. In a healthy relationship, you're with the right person, so you feel accepted.

2. Fights Last A Few Minutes

If you do fight with your partner, don't fret. It's normal. In ideal relationships, fights don't last. You may shout at each other, but after a while, you help each other feel better. No fight will break your special bond.

3. You Share Chores Equally

Personally, I hate chores, but they need to get done. In a healthy relationship, chores are shared equally between both of you, especially when you're living together.

4. You're Happy That You're No Longer Single

Things aren't always smooth in relationships. In bad times it's easy to think of the good old times when you were single and didn't have to argue with anyone. In a sweet relationship, you rarely miss being single and are ready to be with your partner no matter what.

5. Fights Aren't Common

This doesn't mean that you're both perfect. It only means that you've taken care of all your personal issues and are at peace with yourself. Once this is done, sorting out all your issues as a couple is a piece of cake and you live together happily.

6. You Aren't Bothered By Minor Stuff

Each of us has things about us that turn others off. In a relationship, it's easier to notice your partner's annoying habits. It could be their tendency to leave socks lying around or chewing as they talk. In a healthy relationship, you accept them as they are, so their unbearable habits don't bother you.

7. Jealousy Doesn't Own You Anymore

One of the main causes of fights is jealousy. Before, if you saw them have a casual chat with their friend of the opposite sex and the green-eyed monster captured you. If it doesn't get to you now, you're in a healthy relationship. No more silly and unreasonable fights over absolutely nothing.

8. You're Open With Your Partner

There's no need of hiding something from your partner if you trust them. No matter how embarrassing or brutal whatever you have to say is, you know they are mature and able to keep secrets. Your relationship is unhealthy if they tend to get pissed if you tell them the truth.

9. The Future Doesn't Worry You

Committing yourself to a person is a big step. What if they cheat on you? What if they hurt you? What if...the what-ifs are endless if you have doubts about your partner. In a healthy relationship, such thoughts may cross your mind, but you don't focus on them because you're confident in your choice.