Signs You've Been Reincarnated Many Times Before

Signs You’ve Been Reincarnated Many Times Before

Some of us believe in reincarnation, whereas others feel strongly once you die that's it.

The body is just a temporary vessel which souls use as they go through the karmic cycle of lives.

Reincarnation is learning and growing, so you are better in the next life.

You may have heard of the expression 'Old souls' these people from a young age show unexplained wisdom and knowledge.

Here are some tell-tale signs.

Unbound Wisdom

Even as a child you knew the right thing to say at the right time. You perhaps left family members speechless, shaking their heads and saying, 'That child is an old soul'. Because of this people will often come to you for advice.

Heightened Intuition

You listen closely to everything said to you, and to your environment around you. You pick up the vibes of people and animals. You can almost smell fear or happiness.

Extreme Empathy

The strength of the empathy you have is due to how many previous lives you have lived.

You feel everything a person close to you feels.

Sadly, the nastiest people tend to be drawn to you as they feed from you, barriers need to be drawn up to keep your environment fresh around you.

Unexplainable Fears

If you have a strong unexplained fear in this life, it is usually down to a past life traumatic event.

The fear of the ocean being an easy example, in a past life you may have drowned at sea.

Feeling out of place and longing for a 'home' you cannot recall

The strong desire to travel to a place you have never been, yet when you get there it feels like home, is a strong sign of previous lives.

Old souls will always talk about a wanderlust that sometimes can't be soothed.

Recurring Déjà Vu

Recurring déjà vu's are a strong indication of previous lives, in that you experienced it then, but not now.

Then something happens, and you just know you have either experienced it or been in a similar situation before, just not in this life.

Unexplainable Understanding Of People

You see through people, you know who is good and who is bad.

You've met so many people throughout your numerous lives you can spot a fake person almost instantly.

This makes them uncomfortable to be around you.

Inability To Fully Bond With Others

You select who is in your tribe carefully, you also may recognize other old souls who are not necessarily ones you want to engage with in this life.

Don't forget some reincarnations are lessons to be learned about past bad behavior.

Super-fast Learning

You may find yourself understanding another language yet have had no formal teaching of it.

You find when at school you learned faster than others, almost like remembering more than learning.

You are a sponge for information and like to research and learn things for yourself.

Feeling Drawn To A Specific Culture Or Time

You may find yourself having a favorite time in history.

The culture, clothes, way of life will be more attractive to you than current times.

Past-life Memories

This one is ridiculed the most by those that don't believe.

Often past life memories come to us in dreams.

The memories are so strong, that they are very real, and this can puzzle those around us.

A young boy who lived in Scotland was able to tell his mother and researchers an entire life living in a remote part of Scotland right down to the crofter's cottage.

When checked it was all real, the cottage was there, the name he gave existed, and so did his way of life.

If it wasn't truly past life memories what was it?