Signs Your Partner Is Sleeping With Someone Else

Signs Your Partner Is Sleeping With Someone Else

Being in a relationship is a beautiful feeling. Just the thought that you have someone who loves you and has chosen to share their life with you is an immensely fulfilling emotion. Love dwells where there is trust. However, some relationships are not as perfect as they seem to be. Sometimes partners will have a side dish but still behave like everything is normal. Here are signals that your partner is cheating on you.

1. They don't receive calls in your presence-

In an honest relationship, partners are often open with each other. A partner will receive a call in front of the other if they have nothing to hide. However, when he begins to cringe when his phone rings in your presence and stops conversing on the phone in your presence, then he might be cheating. He will not want you to grasp the flow of the conversation nor know who called. He might also begin putting his phone face-down on the table or switching it off while at home.

2. No interest in sex-

Has your partner been ignoring your sexual advances lately? Well, if he is not getting it from you then he might be getting it from someone else. People get emotionally drawn to new partners, and they will find illicit sex more fun than legitimate sex with their partners.

3. Comes home late-

If your spouse has got into a new habit of coming home late in the night, then he could be stopping somewhere before coming home. However, people have different realities, so know your spouse's job tendencies and terms so that you can know if his reason for coming home late is genuine or not.

4. Runs to the bathroom first-

If your partner's first stop is the bathroom whenever he comes home, he could be cheating. Chances are, he is trying to wash away the evidence of his sexual escapades.

5. Alienation-

When your partner finds someone else, he will not only be physically unattached, but his emotions will also be with the new partner. He might stop spending quality time with you. He will also stop confiding in you which will make you feel alienated.

6. More attention to grooming-

When a person is in a new relationship, they will be more choosy with what they put on. If your man suddenly is into suits, or jeans and wears a cologne, or your woman takes more time doing her make-up than she normally does, chances are, they're putting their best face forward for their new lover.

7. Secretive about their finances-

Your partner was open to you in matters of their finances; you knew how much they earned and how the money was spent. Then suddenly they don't allow you to see their expense sheet. Chances are they are spending a lot of money on an affair, and they don't want you to know. While gamblers also hide their financial details from their partners, cheaters also have a lot of huge expenses to hide.