Signs Your Online Relationship Will Never Enter The Real World

After chatting with someone online for a while, you may feel a strong connection with them that is absent from your typical online conversations filled with sexual advances. However, it is important to take a step back and recognize signs that indicate your relationship is limited to the digital world and may not progress into a physical one.

1. If They Ask You On A Date At All, It's Always At Some Vague Time In The Future

Although it may seem unlikely, some people may ask you out without ever intending to meet you in person. It's important to be cautious and not get too excited, as many will suggest hanging out "soon" but never follow through with actual plans.


2. They're Always "Too Busy" To Follow Through

Despite the fact that they enjoy chatting with you online for hours, some people are so caught up in their busy lives that they cannot make time to hang out with you for a few hours. Even if you have agreed on a specific date and time for a date, they will always have something come up and reschedule, only for the cycle to repeat. It's simply not worth pursuing a relationship with them.


3. They Tell You They're No Longer Using Whatever Dating Platform You Initially Met On

Moving your conversation from a dating app to a different platform may seem like a positive sign, but it could also be a warning. If your online match claims they have deleted their dating profile and then you discover it's still active with a green 'active' dot next to their username, it's time to let them go. Even though you haven't become exclusive yet as you haven't met in person, there's no reason to lie about being active on other dating platforms.


4. You Find Out They Were In Your Neighborhood But Didn't Tell You Or Ask You To Hang

Your online acquaintance has visited your neighborhood before, maybe even several times, yet they have never made plans to meet up with you. What's more, they didn't even mention being in the area, and you only found out through a Facebook check-in or Instagram post. This behavior shows a lack of interest in taking your relationship offline, and you should consider moving on.


5. They Have You Right Where They Want You: You're More Into Them Than They Are Into You

It's a common phenomenon: when you don't have any interest in someone, they're all over you, but as soon as you begin to show interest, they disappear. At the start of your chats, you weren't really thinking much about it, but as time passed, you became more interested. Now you're the one asking all the questions about their life, yet they don't seem to show much interest in you in return.


6. They Don't Seem As Bothered About The Fact That You've Never Met As You Are

They may not understand why you feel foolish for spending time sending messages to someone you've never met, and they don't see it as a big deal. This is because they have no intention of meeting you in person.

7. They Start To Communicate Less And Less

In the beginning, chatting with them was a daily ritual that brought a smile to your face. But as you began to inquire about meeting up and expressed disappointment over the lack of progress, they slowly started to fade away.


8. They've Added More Photos To Their Dating Profile

After some time, you decide to take a trip down memory lane and visit their dating profile again. You notice that there are new pictures and an updated bio. It begs the question, who are they trying to impress? Definitely not you.

9. They Don't Care When You Threaten To End Things

When you confront them about your frustrations of talking to someone who doesn't seem interested in meeting you, they don't put up a fight to keep you in their life or try to make things right. This is likely because they were never serious about the relationship to begin with and are ready to move on to someone else. It's difficult to understand why people engage in this behavior in the first place. Perhaps it's the gratification of having someone to talk to, or the boredom of swiping through dating apps. It could even be a backup plan in case things don't work out with someone else. The truth is, you may never know. The best thing you can do is move on and focus on finding someone who values a real, in-person connection.