Signs You May Have A Reincarnated Soul

Signs You May Have A Reincarnated Soul

Some people just seem to have old souls, and you can see this in everything they say and do. Many may wonder whether this is not just an old soul but a reincarnated one.

A lot of people strongly believe in reincarnation, and for believers, it is entirely possible to have a reincarnated soul. So, how can you tell if you might have a reincarnated soul?

In this article, we will look at some of the signs that shows you may have a soul that is reincarnated.


What Are The Signs To Look For?

There are various signs that can suggest that you have a reincarnated soul. Some of these are:

You Often Experience Déjà vu

One of the signs is when you experience déjà vu on a regular basis. You may constantly feel like you had done something before, met someone before, or been somewhere before.


This might be because you have experienced it before, but not in this lifetime. These could be memories of a life long gone that are still lingering in this life.

You Feel Like You Don't Fit In

If you always feel as though you do not fit in, this could be another sign of a reincarnated soul. You may find that you have no sense of belonging but cannot explain why.


It could be that deep in your soul. You feel like you belong elsewhere. This could be back in your old life, which your soul still yearns for.

You Have Dreams You Are Somebody Else

Another sign that you have a reincarnated soul is in connection with the dreams you have. You might dream that you are somebody else, and you are that same person every time you dream.


When you have these dreams, it could be the person you were in your previous life. In your dreams, your subconscious mind lets you remember who you once were.

A Particular Destination Fascinates You

Some people are drawn to a particular destination and do not know why. We have seen this in various documentaries where young kids show their parents where they lived in a former life.


If you find yourself drawn to a particular place, it may have been your home in a previous life. It may also be somewhere that was special to you for other reasons in a past life.

You Have Irrational Fears

Are you really frightened of something but you do not know why? Irrational fears include fear of water and being afraid of fire, among other things.


This could be a sign you were scared of that thing in a past life. In fact, it could even be the thing that contributed to your death.

Memories Of The Past

These memories from a past life can manifest in many ways. If you experience things such a this, you could have a reincarnated soul.