Signs You Have A Strong Personality That Might Intimidate Some People

Signs You Have A Strong Personality That Might Intimidate Some People

Some people have strong personalities that were either formed when they were growing up or through their own conscious effort. If you have a strong personality, unfortunately, many people think that you are either rude or arrogant. That is not necessarily the case. Sometimes, it's because they feel intimidated by you, or just because they are insecure.

So, if you have heard people tell you that you are arrogant, too confident, or dominant, you may just have these eight signs that show you have a strong personality that might be intimidating.

1. You are always decisive


Before you take a step, you consider all the options you have carefully. However, you don't paralyze yourself by doing unnecessary analysis and prolonged considerations of all your options. You trust your gut and instinct and make a decision. You think "why waste time waiting for someone to make a choice for you when you should be bold and get it over with?"

2. Your Morals are your guiding principle

You have strong morals, and they dictate what you stand for. You act on your beliefs because you are passionate about them. When others do things that you find unacceptable, or when they step out of line, you are not shy or afraid to tell them.

3. You don't allow yourself to be ruled by emotion, rather by reason


You approach every problem from a rational and logical point of view and you don't get led by emotions. Sure, your emotions will play a part because you're human, but your ultimate tools are data, logic, and information. Biases or sentiments don't dictate what your choice will be or won't be.

4. Pleasing others is not your primary concern

You are not bothered if everybody is not on your side. In fact, you don't mind if being yourself may mean ruffling a few feathers. You believe in yourself and won't go out of your way to impress others. It doesn't mean you don't treat people with respect. You don't kiss them up or stroke their ego. You have no time for people who think you must agree with them.


5. You are goal-oriented, and you know exactly what you want

You have a strong sense of where you are headed and have a clear vision of what you want from life. Regardless of how the public may perceive what your goal is, or what challenges you face, you remain independent and goal-oriented. You don't just sit and wish your goals into reality. You take the necessary steps to achieve them.

6. You face your fears head-on

You don't act like avoiding your fears or problems will make them go away. You face them head-on knowing that's how you can overcome them.


7. You admit your wrongdoings

You know you are not always right, and can't be, so when you realize you're in the wrong, you own up to it. If you wrong people, you apologize and try to make amends.

8. Bygones are bygones

To you, dwelling on the past is unproductive and useless because there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Aside from learning from your past mistakes and improving so that you don't repeat them, you have no business with what's gone. What's important is the present, and that's what you focus your energy on.