Signs You Have A Secret Admirer

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Let's all just agree that life can be pretty interesting with a secret admirer in it. But what are the signs you have a secret admirer?

It helps to be sure to avoid taking the innocent gestures of an affectionate friend for signs of romantic attraction.

To get rid of the doubts, here is information on how to tell someone has a crush on you but is yet to come clean about it. Signs of secret attraction can be confusing and easy to miss.

But, is a secret admirer always a good thing?

For the most part, it is. Usually, your secret admirer is someone who hopes you will give them a shot to start a relationship. Consequently, if you are not interested, the person will just move along.

If someone is not willing to move on despite the fact you expressed your complete lack of interest, then that's one of the signs you have a stalker, which is not good.

So: how do you know you have a secret admirer? Below are the signs that will tell you.

1. Body Language, The Best Way To Find Out If You Have A Secret Admirer

signs you have a secret admirer

Even without saying a word, you can get a lot of signs you have a secret admirer. It is said that most of the communicating we do happens nonverbally.

So, someone who is crazy over you will fumble, fidget, act nervously, and get confused and clumsy when you are close.

For those wondering "how do you know you have a crush?", these are the very same signs to look out for. When someone is really into you and is trying to hide it from you, you will know because they will act differently around you.

If you have been thinking someone is your secret admirer, and you have also noticed that they act weird around you, then you might be on to something.

2. A Secret Admirer Will Be In Agreement With Everything You Say

signs you have a secret admirer

People won't generally agree with everything you say unless there's a hidden agenda. That's precisely what happens when you are having a conversation with a secret admirer.

This person will appear to agree with everything you propose.

The idea is to let you know how attractive you are to the person. You are also supposed to be getting the impression that the person is one of your biggest fans.

If someone indiscriminately defends you, agrees with you, and even supports your opinions, then it's highly likely you have a secret admirer.

3. A Secret Admirer Will Give You Many Stolen Glances

signs you have a secret admirer

One of the easiest tips on how to find your secret admirer is to observe how often they look at you. When someone has a crush on you, they will have a hard time keeping their eyes off you.

If you always seem to catch the person staring at you, then that's one of the not-so-subtle signs someone might be crushing on you.

The dead giveaway that you are seeing a secret admirer at work is a smile or a nod, and maybe some signs of shyness.

4. Wherever You Turn, There They Are

signs you have a secret admirer

I know this sounds a bit like stalking, but it's not. Unless of course you don't like the person and the sight of them makes you want to take off.

When someone has a crush on you, they try to find out as much information as possible about you. Part of the reason is to learn about the places you frequent so they can do the same as well. So, if you see someone practically everywhere you go, then you might have a secret admirer.

5. Little Gifts, Interesting Clues You Have A Secret Admirer

signs you have a secret admirer

Do you find gifts at your desk or door? Then yes, you might have a secret admirer. When someone leaves random love notes around for you to find, then there is a good chance someone is finding it hard to sleep due to their feelings for you.

People might think you are pretending when you tell them you have no idea who sent the gifts. That is because the gifts might have a very personal touch. Maybe it was your favorite bouquet of flowers or your favorite drink.

So, are these signs of an admirer evident in your life?

In case you didn't notice, these are also the very signs you have a crush on someone. In that case, you would be the secret admirer.

But knowing you have a secret admirer is only half the battle.

Also make an effort to learn how to respond to a secret admirer, especially when it's a stalker. The last thing you need is a creep making your life hell and making you live with paranoia.

Obviously, some situations need some finesse. For instance, what should you say to your secret admirer to make them more interested in you?

So, by all means, learn to decode secret admirer messages to understand if she/he has a crush on you. However, also understand the breadth of secret admirer meanings to avoid getting involved with toxic stalkers.