Signs You Have A Real And Faithful Man

Signs You Have A Real And Faithful Man

What traits do you look for in a man, whether physical or behavioral?

While all women have different preferences when searching for a lifetime partner, there's one single trait that stands out for all; faithfulness.

Ask any woman, and they will tell you that they cannot put up with a man who isn't loyal to them. How can you tell if the man in your life has this trait? The following signs are proof that a man is indeed into you and faithful.

He gives you the attention that you need

His attention is always on you. There may be other women around, but that doesn't in any way distract him or make him disregard you at any time. He will show his love to you alone. He even chooses not to go out with friends so he can be there for you.

You're an important part of his life

He will ask for your advice or your opinion when he has to make important decisions. He also prefers to spend time with you over his friends. You're his best friend, and your company never bores him. Given an option to be with his friends or you, he will choose you over them. He cannot afford to overlook you.

He's interested in your life

He talks about you more than he does about himself. He wants to know more about you, to understand you. He's always concerned about what's going on in your life, and will never ignore you when you need him. Your life is his, and he knows it's you he wants to be with forever.

He calls or texts you any time

Even when he's at work and busy, he will still find time to talk to you. He will text at any time. He will even call you just to hear you speak. He will want to find out if you're okay. If he does these things every day, then there's no doubt that he loves you. It means he's forever missing you.

He will do anything to see you happy

He will do anything for you, including the things you couldn't imagine him doing. He will make the bed, cook for you or even do the dishes. He doesn't mind these tasks so long as it's for you that he's doing them. He wants to see you happy and will make every effort for that to happen.

He introduces you to his friends

His friends know you, and he continues to introduce you to the new ones. They know that you're not mere friends because makes it clear to them that you're in a relationship. Has he done that already? You're lucky, girl. It means there's no one else in his life apart from you.

He is open to you

He never hides anything from you, and he strives to make that clear to you. He will allow you to use his phone, even access his social media accounts. He has nothing to hide, and there's no reason to panic when you get ahold of his phone.

He's not after just sex

He's intimate with you, but not for sex alone. We all know of the men who will shower you with love for sex, vanishing soon after they get what they want. This one is different. He looks forward to spending time with you even if it's only to talk. He frequently takes you on dates so you can enjoy a romantic time together. He loves the sex, but that isn't all he is after.