Signs You Fell For The Right Man

Signs You Fell For The Right Man

I'm sure you've heard of the saying, "There's someone for everyone," and I'm sure when you were a little girl, you fantasized about meeting the perfect guy. However, as you grew up, you realized the world is much different.

You have been hurt. You have been disappointed. You have been let down. You have gone through unspeakable experiences that have made you give up on true love. Truth be told, very little can be done to erase what you've gone through.

However, I want you to know there is hope. You can still meet the right guy and truly fall in love. It may seem like a farfetched dream or fairy tale, but it's not. Truth is, there are still men who uphold merits. Such men are kind, honest, righteous, and other virtues.

Good men are scarce, but they do exist. Here are eight signs that you've met a good and honest man.

1. He's clear about his intentions with you

Every relationship heads somewhere. People get into these relationships with different motives and intentions. You have most likely been hurt by a man whose intentions you thought you knew, only to find out you were wrong.

A good man will always let you know of his intentions. He will never leave you in the dark or guessing around.

2. He supports you and your ambitions

The world is full of selfish people who put their self-interests ahead of everything else. Such men will always try to push you down, derail you, and stall you. All this while they are advancing themselves.

A good man, however, will always support you. He will ask about your dreams and aspirations, and he will push you hard to achieve them.

3. He knows the importance of those 'little things'

We all have those things that everyone else considers to be minute. These things are insignificant to many people. To you, however, they are of key importance. When you are with the right man, he will take time to learn all the things that make you happy. The big things and the small things, and he will do all he can within his abilities to ensure you are happy. Even if that means something as simple as taking a walk in the park with you.

4. He cares about how you relate to your friends and family

When you are with a man who genuinely cares about you, you'll surely notice. He will not only care about your relationship with him, but he'll also care about your other relationships. He will not only invest in knowing your family and friends, but he will also try and be involved in their lives.

5. He makes you feel safe when you're around him

The perfect man is warm and welcoming. You will never feel insecure being near him. Even when you're away from him, you'll trust him enough to know he only loves you.

6. He loves you for you

Men often try to change us. They try to turn us into their fantasies, or their exes, or someone else.

When you find a real man, he will not try and change you into someone else. He will love and accept you for who you truly are.

7. He respects the people around you

A good man not only loves you, but he also loves the people around you. When you're with a good man, you'll notice he'll treat your family and friends the way he treats you.

8. He is open to you

A good man has nothing to hide. He will not try and cover up his mistakes. He will not give excuses. He will be open to you. He will show you the good side and the bad side of him.