Signs There's A Toxic Person In Your Life

Signs There’s A Toxic Person In Your Life

First of all, let me get this out of the way: toxic people have no place in your life. They will spill their negativity into your life and make you miserable. I guarantee it.

Do you recall the fable of the boiling frog? If put immediately into hot water, the frog will jump out. But put it in tepid water and heat it to boiling point and the frog will not notice the heat change and will boil to death.


We tend to demonstrate the same attribute in our relationships with people. When you meet a person you can immediately tell is toxic, you automatically keep your distance.

But a person who slowly and subtly turns toxic while in our lives does not set off the same alarms.

Strange, right?

But toxicity is toxicity, subtle or not. You will feel it and understand that something's wrong after a while. When that happens, here are some tips to identify the toxic person causing all these problems in your life.


1. Large Egos

There is no better sign of toxicity than a huge ego. These people believe they are better than everyone else, and it also shows that these people are extremely toxic to be around. This person will never admit someone else's accomplishments, and they might even try to diminish your accomplishments if they threaten their egos.

2. Disrespect

A toxic person has a very hard time showing respect to other people. They only care about their egos, and will often go to a lot of trouble to feed their delusions. That is why they will easily disrespect others if it makes them feel better about themselves.


3. Will Never Admit To Any Wrongdoing

Does the person own up to their mistakes? If not, that's very telling. Someone who cares about you will admit when they have wronged you. And if you are dealing with someone who will never see their mistakes no matter what, then that might be why your relationship with this person is strained. They are toxic.


4. Won't Give You Any Attention

We have already established that toxic people are terrible listeners. So, paying attention to anyone is a terrible burden for them. They will even ignore you when you need any form of attention, and that can be incredibly toxic. They only care about things that interest or benefit them.

5. Always Interrupting

A toxic person will never give you any time to speak, and they will usually interrupt unless you are saying something nice about them. When they feel you have said something that's against what they are saying, they will make sure you don't get a chance to say a word. This can be very toxic, especially considering how readily many people criticize other people and find fault with others.


6. Insatiable Desire For Attention

A toxic person will want all the attention the world can give to themselves and no one else. They will even steal the spotlight from others and will do a lot of horrible things to you for the opportunity to enjoy a few moments of fame. If you have such a person in your life, let them go because you will suffocate under their toxicity.


7. Playing The Victim

When you call out a toxic person on their behavior, they will play the victim. They will make you feel guilty although you are the one who has been wronged. Blaming the victim is their signature trait, and they will never have it any other way. They can't be wrong. What could be more toxic than that?

So, do you think you have a toxic person in your life? Then do something about it and cut them off before your life becomes too miserable on their account.