Signs That You Have A Dry Sense Of Humor

Signs That You Have A Dry Sense Of Humor

When you have a dry sense of humor, you just know it. People will sometimes laugh at your jokes - or rather, comments - but most of the time, you'll be met with silence or judgmental stares.


Well, it can often sound like sarcasm or even like something mean, which is not what people really like. However, dry humor is also a sign of intelligence - even if you tell your jokes at very inappropriate times.

So, how do you know that you have a dry sense of humor?

You're Sarcastic

Sarcasm is very popular these days, but it's a weapon not many people know how to use. Being sarcastic is your thing and your friends and family know it. However, when you meet new people, they usually don't get you.

Or they might - in that case, you have a new best friend.

You're Dark

Now, I don't mean wearing dark clothes, black nails, and black lipstick. Although, you might like that too - no judgement.

You are dark in the sense of telling jokes at the most inappropriate times. For instance, at a funeral, or a hospital, or having sly remarks when your friend breaks up with her partner. You also find certain morbid things funny.

However, this doesn't mean that you don't know what funny is - you actually walk that fine line between funny and disrespectful.

You're Very Phlegmatic

This is what makes you funny. You can keep a straight poker face while saying something hilarious, which makes you even funnier. But you also don't get too flabbergasted about anything in life.

Sure, you get happy-excited when something good happens to you, but otherwise, you have a chill vibe.

Most people who have a dry sense of humor are like this as well.

You Use The Worst Life Situations in Your Jokes

A dry sense of humor can really bring light and laughter into some of the hardest life events. However, it needs to be well and tastefully executed. You can't just go on blabbering around a funeral.

Thankfully, many people who have dry humor know what to say and just the right time to say it. So, you may make someone's death or illness, or breakup a little bit lighter with your humor.

But, please, be considerate of other people's feelings. Getting laughs for you is probably like a drug and it's easy to go too far if you get addicted. Remember the boundaries or respectful and kind.

You Can Talk Your Way Out of Anything

A dry sense of humor often means wit. And of course, wit means that you can basically talk your way out of any trouble - which is why your friends love you so much.

You can talk circles around most people and it has helped you get out of some tricky situations over the years. You are smart and you like to show it.

You Hate Actual Jokes

You hate telling them, you hate hearing them. The only reason why you might consider being in a room with someone telling regular jokes is to mess with them when they screw up.

You don't like standard comedy, especially not standard comedy movies as most of it isn't funny to you.

However, you have your own taste and you like some edgier comedy.

You're Cynical and Proud of It

This is just another part of who you are. You may have been through some stuff and you know that most people are unreliable in some way or another. So, you keep your guard up and you bring your cynical viewpoints to your humor.

However, this doesn't mean that you are unhappy with your life or that you hate your life. It just means that you take everything with at least some suspicion.

There you have it! These are just some of the signs that you have an excellent dry sense of humor. Keep it up! Maybe not everyone will understand it, but the right people will be there to laugh with you.