Signs She Loves You But Is Scared

Signs She Loves You But Is Scared

People will not always come out and say they have feelings for you. That's a bummer because you are probably into this person and would love to start a relationship with them. But not to worry, today we'll look at signs she loves you but is scared to admit it.

By carefully observing her body language, you can tell if she is attracted to you, although she is hiding it. Usually, a girl hides her feelings because she is afraid of rejection, scared to commit again after a bad relationship, or is afraid of losing you once you are together.

It's not enough that you learn the signs she is afraid of confessing her love for you, but that you find ways to ease her concerns.

So, is she afraid of declaring her love for you? Let's find out.

1. Eager Smiles – She Is Flirting, Or Happy To See You

signs she loves you but is scared

Do you think her smiles are always so cute and genuine? If yes, it is possible she loves you. But on its own, this sign might not mean much.

However, if she is always giving you a smile that says I-am-so-happy-to-see-you, then yes, she loves you. Probably.

You see, such smiles are flirtatious. At the very least, this gesture invites you to interact more with her.

This does not mean any girl who smiles at you is into you. Maybe she smiles at you because it's part of her job. So, don't think too much of the smiles that the girl at the local diner gives you.

The surefire sign she smiles because she loves you include the fact that the smile lingers and that you also notice other signs of flirtation such as light touching and prolonged eye contact.

2. Your Advances Are Always Welcome

signs she loves you but is scared

We can try all we can to hide our feelings, but our actions always betray our deepest intentions and desires. A girl hiding her feelings will still be quite excited about your suggestions to do something together.

She secretly wants you, which is why she would like to spend more time with you.

Even if she is afraid, she will have a hard time turning you down if she is into you. You might even realize that she was secretive because she was afraid of rejection.

The clearest sign that she loves you through her willingness to spend time with you is her eagerness to drop everything and go out with you. If she can ditch her friends or family and friends for some alone time with you, then yes, she probably loves you.

3. She Responds Quickly To Your Texts

signs she loves you but is scared

Don't take it for granted when a girl responds to your texts as soon as she sees them. Some girls will wait for days without texting back, if at all they do.

Usually, some of them are interested but would rather play hard to get.

But a girl who cannot relax until she has given you her response clearly likes you and enjoys talking to you.

4. Body Language Says She Has Feelings For You

signs she loves you but is scared

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they act. A girl who is into you but is trying to hide it will give you lots of signs she is into you.

Her body language can be all you need to know.

Signs to look out for include nervousness, sudden cheerfulness when you are around, listening carefully to you when you speak, playing with her hair, correcting her posture, being quiet or shy around you, or even closing her legs when she sees you.

Some of these signs are really cute and sweet, and they secretly tell you that this girl has strong "unexpressed" feelings for you.

5. Asking Lots Of Questions About You

signs she loves you but is scared

Admit it. When you are interested in someone, you want to know as much as you can about them.

Girls are a little more cautious and indirect about this. So, you need a little more effort to know if she secretly knows "too much" about you.

For instance, you might hear mutual friends say she was asking about you. She can also surprise you by telling you something you never thought she knew about you.

Many guys realize that the girl who did not seem interested in them knows a lot about them. Only a few of them actually realize that the girl is crazy about them but is fearful of expressing her feelings without knowing if the guy will reciprocate them.

We are all afraid of being rejected by those we deeply care about. In such a scenario, you can let the girl know that you know plenty about her as well. That tells her that the interest she has in you is mutual.

She can get more confident about expressing her feelings once she knows she has nothing to fear.

6. She Is Always Teasing You

signs she loves you but is scared

When in love with a guy and he doesn't know it, some girls will tease him all the time. It can seem like hate to the untrained eye or like she is trying to give you a hard time.

But the truth is that she wants to create rapport with you in a way that does not look too intense.

She hopes that the familiarity will make you see her worth and make a move. Her greatest wish is that the teasing will endear her and make you feel the love she feels towards you.

But why?

Why would a girl go to such lengths to conceal her feelings towards a guy she clearly has strong feelings for?

The most common reason is the pain of getting hurt. If someone broke her heart before, she could try to avoid that by not putting herself out there too fast.

It's also possible she doesn't understand her feelings towards you. In this case, her concern is that she might let you know how she feels to realize later that the feeling was fleeting. That can create a messy relationship, and nobody wants that.