Signs Of A Basic White Girl

Signs Of A Basic White Girl

Do you know a basic white girl? Maybe you're the basic white girl in your group. You might be thinking that it's not fair to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes, a person fits so well into a stereotype that you can't help but laugh. That's how many of us feel about basic white girls. Here are some signs that the girl who's trying so hard to be different is really just another basic female.

Signs Of A Basic White Girl

Uggs aren't ugly - they're a must.

You get a new pair each season, even though you've still got the last 15 pairs. There's a reason they're called "Uggs". When you see a basic white girl wearing them, you say, "ugg."

Everything has to be a name brand.

You have a North Face jacket in every color, for every weather occasion. Whether it's a light wind or a blizzard, you're staying warm in style with a brand that only basic white girls wear. If it's not a name brand, you won't be caught dead in it.

You're addicted to Starbucks.

Every morning, you have to stop for a unicorn frap or a pumpkin spice latte, which is, omg, finally back! Yay! (Not really). While handing over the $7 for the coffee that took you five minutes to say due to all the special requests, you whine about being broke.

You live your life on social media.

You post updates daily, or even multiple times a day to social media. Before you make a decision or a change, you have to get other people's opinions first. Every time you leave the house, it calls for a group pic. And taking photos of your meals is a must. Everyone has to know everything about your boring life.

You're deadly behind the wheel.

You have a large SUV that you aren't qualified to drive. You're constantly curbing the vehicle and it's never seen a mud puddle, let alone been dropped into 4-wheel drive. And you're probably maxing out your gas card each month because you're heavy-footed and don't know how to handle the power of a V8. If you're a basic white girl, stick to small basic white girl cars.

Shopping at Walmart is a mortal sin.

You wouldn't be caught dead shopping at Walmart. We've all seen the kinds of people that shop at Wal-Mart and there's no way you're one of those weird people. If you need anything, you're heading to Target, where all the "cool moms" go. Sorry hun, but if you only shop at Target, you're a basic white girl.

Acronyms and emojis are a must.

You wouldn't dare text in full sentences. Nobody has time for that. And you can't go a single day without using emojis. Some situations just absolutely require a head slap or a frown face. And why waste time with "you" when you can just as easily say "U". IMO (In my opinion for those of you who aren't basic), if you are too lazy to spell out words like "you", "U" deserve to get slapped in the face, hard. Sorry, not sorry.

You're trending.

You keep up with current slang and trends and try and use lingo that makes you sound hood. But unfortunately, all it does is point out just how white you really are - like call the cops white or check out that loud noise instead of running white. Ya mean? (Just FYI - no one actually talks like this. If they do, punch them in the face.) Most basic white girls act bougie.

Your Idea of Hip Hop is Weak

Your Pandora Playlist includes rappers like Lil Nas X, Eminem, Drake, and Post Malone for those days when you feel a little gangsta. But you have no idea who real rappers are like Tupac or Biggie. The only thing you know about NWA is what you saw from the movie. You wouldn't know how to thug it out if your life depended on it. And just for the record, that's what being a thug is about - defying the odds, no matter how they're stacked against you.

People Think You're Mother Goose

Your children's names have to be sounded out phonetically. And chances are, they all rhyme. You've got Hayden, Jayden, and Kayden. You pick the most popular names and through in some strange spelling, just to stand out. Sorry sweetie, but you're not being different. You're still sticking with the masses.

Basic White Girls Don't Know They're Basic

These are just a few of the ways you can tell if someone is a basic white girl. There's nothing wrong with fitting into this stereotype. But for them, they probably don't realize that they're just one of a thousand girls trying too dang hard to be just another unique individual that happens to like all the most popular stuff. Are you basic?