Signs It's Time You And Your Friend Broke Up

Signs It’s Time You And Your Friend Broke Up

All relationships break up, although romantic breakups get all the attention, and for very painful reasons. But actually, friends and colleagues break up all the time.

Generally, breakups are considered a bad thing because of all the ill feelings they leave behind. But sometimes, the pain of breaking up is nothing compared to the damage the relationship would cause if allowed to continue.

And so, a time comes when you or your friend have to admit it's not working out and you have to go your separate ways. Some reasons to break up with your friend include the following.

1. Getting Too Attached

Yes, this can be a bad thing. If someone has clung to you, so much so you can't lead a normal life, then it would be perfectly fine to end things. Some friends become too dependent on you, and they even stop trying to be independent and count on you for everything. Such a relationship can drain you and hold you back, and it's better if it ends so you can have a normal life.

2. Your Interests Collide

It's important to have friends with whom you share common interests. For instance, if you want to start a family, it would be better if you let go of friends who don't believe in the idea because they can derail this important life goal.

You can remain friends with people who believe in having a career when you have gotten into the business, as long as you are sure they will not get in the way of you attaining your goal.

3. You Have Both Changed

Some changes are so dramatic they cause the relationship to change. For instance, you got hitched and had kids, and you cannot afford to spend your weekends in a drunken stupor as you did with this friend when you were single. If that was the only thing holding you together, then it would be a perfect time to part ways.

4. Misunderstandings

Some people will never get you, and you will always end up in conflicts with them. You can't always know this before you start the friendship, but once you do, the best option is to walk away and avoid all that stress. I'm sure you have seen friends who are always arguing or breaking up and making up. You don't want that, right?

Finding a good friend is a great thing in this life. As they say, you never know when you need a friend. That said, it is always a good idea to find someone you are compatible with and someone who does not drag you down.

If life has changed you so much and the basis of your friendship no longer exists, then that friendship should be considered over and done with. The same goes for friends you never seem to agree with on anything. That's just extra stress you don't need. So, learn to accept that some friendships will never work out and end them so you will be happy in this life.