Signs It's Not Your First Time Here On Earth

Signs It’s Not Your First Time Here On Earth

It is rare but it happens that one wonders whether they've lived on earth before their present life here. The signs can be subtle as having a vague memory of having been at a particular place at some time in the past. It can be as quaint as having recurring dreams about having lived at an epoch where the present technology has yet to be invented or even just thought about.

The clue or significant occurrence here is that your soul is reaching out far into the past and remembering memories that have happened before in your past life. That is why you have a unique sense of having been at someplace at one point when it was literally the first time you've been in that place or event. The same is also true when you have dreams that reach into the farthest and deepest period in time.

What are the signs that you've lived on earth before and it is not your first time here?

You Enjoy Solitude

The chance for an introvert to have lived before here on earth is stronger than for extroverts. This might seem peculiar and, yet, as a child, you might have been as excited and raring to go out and play with other children. But as you get older, you enjoy being alone more and prioritize your personal time more than other people of your age do. When other people just want to party or socialize with their circle or crown, the thought of it alone is enough for you to want more to cling to your inner space and hang a do-not-disturb sign on your door.

You Have A Keen Sense Of People's Intentions

You have powerful people instincts and oftentimes you know when a person is off or a situation is not as it first seems. There is a radar in you that checks out people's intentions and motivations. If you often can tell whether a person is genuine or not, there is a likely possibility that this is your collective wisdom from which you derive a lot of information. It is like having an old bag full of tricks (wisdom), which you can use to detect a person's truthfulness because you might have been in a similar situation before in your past life.

You Are Not A Crowd-Pleaser

If everywhere you go, you feel as if you need to draw attention away from you because you clearly stand out or have qualities that highlight your individuality, it is another sign you've clearly lived before.

Because you've been a different person in the past or been several different people at that, the urge to manifest in just one body by these different personalities is like being in a tug-of-war. The selection of different characters with unique proclivities in one body underlies this phenomenon.

Just like it's a battle between the strong and weak or a survival of the fittest, the life you've lived before which manifests strongly in you will define a very dominant streak in your present personality. If at times, you feel as if there are several natures in you fighting to get out, reach out into your collective wisdom and let your best version shine forth.