Signs It's Not Your Body, But It's Your Soul That Is Tired

Signs It’s Not Your Body, But It's Your Soul That Is Tired

Often, you may find yourself pushing your body toward challenging extremes. However, do you know that it's the soul that keeps your body moving? The big question is, what happens when your soul says enough is enough? It's at this time that you feel like leaving the whole world behind you and moving to a new planet. However, that isn't an option. Here are ten signals to tell you that it's your soul that is tired and not your body.

Unexplained pains and aches

All the aspects of our being are interconnected. Hence, a weary soul may manifest its struggles through unexplained symptoms such as headaches, aches, and dizziness, among many other ways. Therefore, when you experience unexplained physical symptoms, it's advisable to take the right medication and rest to relieve your soul.


A tired soul may trigger the feeling of emptiness or in other words, numbness. The affected person may feel as if they are not themselves anymore. At this point, it's usually hard to find happy feelings as nothing brings joy to them. Hence one may end up dull than before.

You feel hated

Friends are essential to the life of every individual. They keep the world moving. They are usually the best when it comes to sharing both the good and bad moments. However, a tired soul may say otherwise. One may start feeling hated by even close friends. As a result, most victims of a tired soul seclude themselves from those who used to be friends. The funny thing is that they miss an explanation for the act.


Whenever the soul gets tired, you may find it hard to keep calm. Women with a tired soul report being nervous and always worried. This type of fear can lead to severe problems if not handled on time.

You live in the past

Many people will always tell you to forget the past, embrace the moment while planning for the future. However, women with a tired soul find it hard to ignore the history. Most of them find themselves glued to incidents that took place in the past. They are always blaming themselves for the events that took place in the past. The truth is, you can't undo the past. You need to focus on the present and plan your future.

Unable to face challenges that come your way

Life is made of ups and downs. It's how we tackle the ups and downs that determine who we are. The falls, especially, are what makes us stronger, but when the soul is tired, you may find it hard to face the downtimes. Most people with a weary soul find themselves overwhelmed to tackle even the smallest problems ahead.

Unable to get a good night sleep

Health experts always insist that one should get at least 7 hours of sleep on a daily basis. Rest is essential when it comes to the overall health of an individual. Failing to get sufficient sleep can trigger more health problems than one could imagine. Individuals with a tired soul are usually unable to get a good night's sleep. They are unable to calm their mind long enough to get some sleep. This condition should be treated in the best way possible to prevent the dangers that may arise from insufficient sleep time.

You find it hard to say the word 'no'

If you're always struggling to find the word 'no' in your dictionary, then something must be wrong with your soul. The soul helps one to decide when it's the right moment to say no and when to say yes. Women with a weary soul find themselves in complicated situations because they said yes blindly. Therefore, it's high time you learned to know when to say no to avoid being a victim of your own mistakes.

You never learn from your mistakes

Humans are prone to making mistakes. What one learns from her mistakes is what defines the future. Life coaches always insist that one should use their mistakes as a learning opportunity. You should not allow yourself to fall back into the same mistakes. For example, if you ever find yourself dating the same type of guy that heart broke you, then it's time you realized that your soul is giving up on you and need a rest. You should take your time to consider your choices to avoid repeating the same mistake.

You don't feel like helping anyone

The main sign to realize that your soul is weary is losing some self-love. The individual may start feeling worthless and as if they can't be of benefit to anyone. They may start feeling as if their friends don't deserve their help which isn't good. It's advisable to give a helping hand where possible. So, you should never hesitate from an opportunity to give. Giving is good for the soul.

Many people confuse a tired soul with a tired body. The truth is, the two may trigger some physical symptoms. A weary soul is worse as compared to a tired body. In this article, there are top ten signs to tell you that your soul is almost giving up on you. Read through all of them to understand the complication. The first step towards recovering from the problem is accepting it and asking for help as soon as possible. When ignored, a weary soul can result in complex situations.