Signs He's Cheating On You: 20 Important Signs To Look Out For

Signs He’s Cheating On You: 20 Important Signs To Look Out For

The endless uncertainty, sleepless nights, emotional anguish, and other horrors of living with a potentially unfaithful man shouldn't drive you crazy: here are signs he's cheating. If you think he's cheating, it's probably too late to look into reasons he might be doing this to you.

There are few things worse than the pain of betrayal and cheating is probably the worst kind of it.

Restricting yourself to a single sexual partner is the ultimate sign that you are in a serious relationship.

Understandably, some women don't want to admit that their partners are cheating on them. But waiting around hoping to get the clearest sign you can find helps nothing.

The earlier you deal with a cheater, the better. It will be painful, yes, but waiting will only magnify the pain and the damage to your life.

And I totally get how sometimes the illusion the man is cheating could be all in your head. A sign or two can make you paranoid, especially if you have been betrayed before.

But if he is guilty of many of the signs on this checklist, then you are most undoubtedly living with a cheater.

Signs He's Cheating

1. Getting Home Late

Yes, he is a hard worker. But these days, he is busier than usual.

He has so many out-of-town job assignments, and he is always working late.

This is a classic, because there are very few chances you would argue with him when he says he's held up at work.

Chances are that he is working on something else besides work, probably another relationship.

2. When He's Cheating He Doesn't Notice You As Much As He Did

It sucks realizing your man does not notice you anymore. Even after changing your hair, hoping he would like it, he hasn't said a thing.

You are slimmer, and he also hasn't noticed.

While this does not necessarily mean he is having an affair, it could be one of the signs. Sometimes he is just so caught up in other things to notice.

But if he never misses such things about you, then it's worth looking into other signs he is cheating on you.

3. Your Intuition Tells You He's Up To Something

Women are blessed with very powerful intuitions. If you are keen enough, you can easily sense when something is wrong.

However, because you have been wrong a few times in the past, you are afraid to act on the feeling that he might be cheating on you.

While that's smart, it does not mean you should ignore your instincts. At the very least, look out for other signs he might be seeing someone else behind your back.

4. Lipstick On His Collar

Maybe a tad cliché, but it's a classic. If he were fooling around, he would not know he got some evidence of his indiscretions on his collar.

But before you accuse him of cheating, make sure it's not your lipstick that's on his clothing. The relationship might suffer some difficulties once he discovers you don't trust him.

5. When He's Cheating, He's Likely To Suffer Mood Swings

Men who are cheating can go from being happy one moment to being completely crazy the next. This unpredictability could be a sign he is battling with many emotions, including those he has for another woman.

He might do this to get an excuse to stay longer at work or storm off in the middle of the day. That would give him a perfect chance to get be in touch with his other woman.

6. He Isn't As Intimate With You

Although he hasn't stopped having sex with you, he is less affectionate and loving.

Truth be told, we can only be faithful to one partner.

So, if he has found someone else he esteems above you, being intimate with you will not feel right. He will feel like he is betraying the other woman.

It is also possible that he can't be intimate with you because he feels guilty and undeserving to share something so special after what he has done.

Being close to you makes him feel terrible because it makes him realize what a terrible person he is for cheating. That would be enough reason for him to dial down on the intimacy.

7. When He's Cheating, He Keeps Changing His Story

The last time he took a trip out of town for work, he spoke of how he spent the entire time in a boring meeting.

But recently, he says how he spent much of his time having fun with some friends he met while there.

Also, he spoke of having a room of his own. But now, his story suggests he wasn't alone in his room after all.

Changing stories give you a hint that there's something shady going on. That could be a sign the man is cheating on you.

8. He Has Become Very Private Lately

Nobody is against people taking some alone time. However, you can see that this man does not want you around him as much as he previously did.

His phone now has a locking code, and he never leaves it around as he once did. It shows he is keeping a secret, and those are dangerous to any relationship.

Also when he takes calls, he walks away from you so you can't tell what he is talking about.

Similarly, he doesn't want to spend as much time with you as he previously did. He feels more comfortable alone, even if he's doing his own chores.

Generally, he makes you feel like there are aspects of his life you are not invited to witness. That is one of the strongest signs he's cheating.

9. He Has Become Very Jealous

Ironically, people who are cheating on their partners are more likely to suspect their partners of cheating.

Cheaters think everyone can cheat. That will make him unusually suspicious of you, and he might even start accusing you of cheating for no apparent reason.

This is one of the most powerful signs he is cheating on you.

10. His Phone Habits Are Changing

For as long as you can remember, the guy was usually online because he was chatting with you. But now, you see that he spends his time on the phone a lot and is even ignoring you.

You can even see he attempts to keep you from getting close to his phone.

If he was not messing around, he would have no objection to you seeing what he is up to on his phone.

The only thing that would distract a man so much would be something he doesn't want you to know about, especially another woman.

11. When He's Cheating, He Explains More Than He Usually Does

The guy could do things and not explain too much about what he was up to. It was always like that, and everyone was fine.

But now, he goes to a lot of trouble to explain what he is up to.

That change might be caused by cheating. It's probably because he is trying to win back your trust. After all, he knows he has betrayed it.

12. He Seems So Fond Of A New Colleague

There is nothing wrong with making a new friend. But if your guy keeps mentioning his new colleague at work whenever discussions centering on his job come up, then it's very telling.

First of all, it shows the two probably spend lots of time together, and that time might not always be spent working.

That might be the reason he doesn't seem to complain about his job as much as he previously did.

13. Hints From Friends Or Family Can Show You, Signs, He's Cheating

You are usually very open about the feelings you have for your man.

And usually, when you say how adorable and lovable he is, you can see how happy they are for you and how jealous they are you have such a great relationship.

But these days, such comments are met with awkwardness and blank stares. Also, when you make jokes about him cheating, they laugh awkwardly.

These could be some signs he's probably not the faithful man you always thought him to be.

14. He Is Cagey About His Finances Lately

In the past, his financial life was an open book. He could leave the receipts lying around, and he could always account for his spending.

But these days, you see no such information.

If he is cheating, he obviously doesn't want you to see receipts of restaurants he visited with his lover or clothes and gifts he has been buying her.

15. He's Keen To Try New Sex Positions With You

He always liked it when he was on top, but now, for some strange reason, he seems keen to turn the tables around.

Or maybe he never talked dirty, but now does. More importantly, when you ask him to explain his changing behavior, he seems a little freaked out and defensive.

16. He Doesn't Want Sex With You Or Wants Too Much Of It

Confused? I'll explain.

He can avoid sex with you because he is already getting enough of it from the other woman. He knows his performance will be underwhelming, or he simply isn't interested in having sex with you anymore.

Cheating can also rekindle the faltering sex life you shared, which can make him more interested in having sex with you.

He might also be having more sex with you to keep you from suspecting him of cheating. So, if you see a change in his behavior regarding sex, whether positive or negative, be on the lookout.

17. He Has New And Strange Tastes

He was never a fan of operas, and you can recall him saying a lot of distasteful things about them. But now, he seems to love them.

People don't change so suddenly. This shows someone is affecting him, and he is trying to change his life to accommodate them.

18. He Is Constantly Angry At You

However hard you try to be nice, he seems to always get angry and pick fights. That can be a sign he is cheating.

If he is, then he probably feels guilty and wants to provoke you, so you also seem like the bad guy. That would ease his guilt and even make him feel justified in what he is doing.

19. When You Ask If He's Cheating, He Avoids Questions About His Fidelity

Maybe he has set off enough red flags to make you want to hear what he has to say about your suspicions. His sneakiness, late nights, and other signs have made you ask him if he is cheating.

But instead of coming right out and saying he is not, he is dancing around the issue. He even says you are crazy or even jealous.

That shows defensiveness. If he wasn't cheating, he would be hurt, and his first goal would be to make sure you understand that he wouldn't do that to you.

20. Out Of Nowhere, He Has Renewed Interest In His Appearance And How He Dresses

Your relationship has settled, and you have not been bothering him about his looks. And yet, he seems so keen to work on his appearance.

It's not like he has started a new job, and you can see he is not trying to impress you or attain a fitness goal he has been putting off.

So, what's going on here?

He might be working on impressing a new catch. If getting a new cologne and working out in the gym was truly honest, you would know what it was all about.

All things considered, cheaters suck.

And looking for a sign, he's cheating can help you get the hell away from them and avoid their toxic relationships. If you see more than a couple of these signs, chances are that he is cheating on you.