Signs He Actually Thinks You're "The One"

Signs He Actually Thinks You’re “the One”

So you are dating a guy and thinking the wedding bells will ring for you soon. However, you know it's never a good idea to assume anything. Most guys unwittingly give off some signs to ladies when they're in love with her. Your man may not be speaking straight, but you can tell from his little actions. Here are some clues he thinks you're "the one."

When he talks about the future, he says more of "we" than "I"

When a guy is invested in you for the long haul, he will speak more of "we" and "us" rather than "me" and "I" in his conversations with you. This is an excellent indication that he now views the two of you as inseparable. It is a clear indication he thinks you are "the one."

He takes you to meet his loved ones

When a guy tells his loved ones and other people about you, it is a sign you're a special someone to him. He will tell everyone about you and will always want to show you off. This is a great clue he is emotionally connected to you. If his loved ones do not know of your existence, then there is a need for you to be concerned.

He enjoys your company more than anyone else's in the world

Guys love to hang out with friends because they typically have a lot of fun together. Like kids, men still enjoy playtime with other boys. However, if your man has been spending a great deal of time with you, then you know you bring him much joy.

He asks you about the number of children you want to have

Has your man teasingly asked you about how many kids you would like to have or the names you would like to give your kids? If you answered yes, then know that he is thinking of you as the mother of his children.

He discusses serious matters with you

Has your guy been sharing his worries with you? Perhaps, he's not the type that discusses his problems with others but recently has been telling you about his health problems, family and work issues. This is an excellent indication he is thinking of tying the knot with you.

He shows little or no interest in other ladies

A man will care little about how beautiful other ladies are if he is genuinely in love with you. All he will care about is being in your company. If he keeps making excuses to be with you, then you know he is committed to staying the long haul. If for the past six months he has been spending a great deal of time with you, you can be sure he is dating no one else. This is a good signal he thinks you're "the one."

He helps you make progress

A man who is prepared to settle down with a lady sincerely wants her to make progress. Most men would want to marry a quality woman. Thus they would like to help in making their woman a better person. He will always be asking about your hobbies, job, or career.

He talks about marriage

He may do this directly or indirectly. For example, he may tell you about his friends who got married recently. If your man discusses such topics with you, know that he may be thinking of proposing to you in the near future.

He's vocal regarding his feelings towards You

If your man has been vocal regarding his feelings towards you, for example, he has been telling you how special you are to him, you should believe him. He actually means it. It is rare to find a guy who openly shows his susceptibility by declaring his true feelings for the lady in his life.

He goes out of his way to make you happy

Has your guy been doing things that he typically would not do simply to please you? If he has been doing that consistently and genuinely, he is undoubtedly gearing up to pop the nuptial question.