Significant Differences Between A Life Partner And A Soul Mate

Significant Differences Between A Life Partner And A Soul Mate

Often, individuals confuse the words soulmate and life partner. The truth is, even though the two sound similar, they have entirely different meanings.

A soul mate is an individual who comes into your life to offer some valuable lessons and motivation. Soulmates help one grow in the best way possible. Whereas a life partner joins your life to learn with you. Life partners are equal partners and experience the same things as you. Without further ado, here are five differences between life partners and soulmates.

1. Soul Mates Offer Guidance, While Life Partners Offer Support

As stated earlier, soulmates come into the life of an individual to provide guidance. Their primary duty is to provide leadership through life lessons. Many people mistake soulmates for lovers which is wrong. A soulmate can be anyone, and that includes; a family member, a friend, a co-worker, or even a stranger.

Life partners on the other side, are there to provide support and learn new things with you. They come into the life of an individual to offer lifetime support. Life partners have common interests and help you grow. They are always by your side no matter the ups and downs.

2. The Timing Of The Meeting

The timing of the meeting is different between a soulmate and a life partner. As life coaches always insist, a soulmate comes in times of need. A soulmate always comes when you need some closure and to learn a specific lesson.

A life partner comes to your life when you're ready to face life and focus on the present. Life partners are capable of making a wonderful spouse.

3. The Connection Is Different

The level of relationship can easily tell if you have a life partner or a soulmate. For example, when it comes to a soulmate, the connection involves the heart and consciousness. The relationship is usually strong and may involve joy and hurt. Remember, soulmates are in your life to offer life lessons meant to transform your life. Often, these lessons can be exhausting and exhilarating.

On the other end, the connection with a life partner is usually peaceful. Life partners come into your life when you have reached the state of self-acceptance and self-love.

4. Emotions Vs. Spiritual Stability

As stated earlier, soulmates come into the life of individuals when they are in need of guidance through life. Soulmates come into one's life for a reason. They make you feel in a certain way. The connections with a soulmate are usually stable. It's beyond words. There are feelings, thoughts, emotions, and habits involved.

Whereas life partners join an individual's life when he or she is ready to tackle life. Life partners look forward to sharing wisdom and values. In addition to the emotional connection with a life partner, there are intellectual and logical simulations involved. It's for this reason that most relationships with life partners end up with marriages.

5. Timed Vs. Timeless

Soulmates come into the life of an individual when they are in need of guidance. The exciting thing about their timing is that you feel as if you've known them for a long time. The relationship gets along easily because they think the same way as you. A soulmate shares similar life experiences and hence creating an essential connection with each other. It's for such reasons that soulmate finds it easy to provide lessons. However, when the lesson is taught, the duty of a soulmate is fulfilled, he or she may leave your life. Sadly, the parting always causes emotional sufferings as they were strings attached.

On the other side, a life partner comes into your life with a mission to stay for good. A life partner always motivates you to follow your dreams and take risks in life. He or she will always stick by your side no matter the ups and downs.

The differences listed in this article are not set in stone. Your soulmate could be your life partner and vice versa. The choice is yours. It's up to you to choose who you want for the rest of your life and who you don't.