Should You Text Him Or Let Him Come To You? Here Are 12 Ways To Tell

Sometimes, it's okay to break the rules and send a text to the person you've been wanting to talk to. But other times, it might be best to put your phone down and move on, such as if the person is being unresponsive or not making an effort to communicate. To help you decide whether to text or ignore, here are 12 scenarios and some guidance on how to approach them.

1. If he hasn't replied to your last message, leave him alone

It's possible that the person you're trying to have a conversation with is busy or preoccupied at the moment. They may have been called away for work, or they may be driving or occupied with something else, such as playing a video game. If you continue to try to initiate a conversation when they are not available or interested, it may come across as annoying to them.


2. If he initiated contact last, then go ahead and text

If you're wondering whether it's okay to text a guy you're interested in, it can be helpful to consider whether he was the last one to initiate contact. If he was, and you just want to check in and see how he's doing, it's probably okay to send a text. However, if it's been a long time since he last contacted you, it might be best to hold off and wait for him to reach out. Remember, it's always important to respect boundaries and communicate in a way that feels comfortable for both parties.


3. If he hasn't replied and you haven't finished your thought, text him

Sometimes you may want to send a message in parts rather than all at once. If you are sending a message to someone and you have asked them questions but they have not replied, go ahead and finish what you have to say. Don't wait for them to reply, they might be waiting for you to finish speaking first.


4. If he hasn't replied and you want to say goodnight, leave him alone

While it may seem like a good idea to end a conversation with a goodnight message, it is not always the best choice. If the person you are communicating with has not replied to your previous messages, sending a goodnight text can come across as asking why they have not responded. It may be better to wait for them to initiate communication or to address the lack of response before ending the conversation.


5. If he hasn't replied and you want to double-text, leave him alone

Sending the same message multiple times will not make someone reply faster, and it can be annoying to the recipient. This is especially true if you do not have a relationship with the person and are not familiar with their communication habits. It is best to avoid sending repeated messages and to be patient while waiting for a response.


6. If you want to text him when you're drunk, don't

It is common knowledge that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a hangover the next day. You may regret drinking too much alcohol, especially if it results in a hangover. It is important to drink responsibly and to consider the potential consequences of your actions.

7. If your friends encourage you to text and you wouldn't normally, don't

Being in a group setting can sometimes lead people to do things they might not normally do, such as texting someone who has not been responding to ask if they want to go out for drinks. It is important to think carefully about your actions and to consider the potential consequences before making decisions, especially if those decisions may lead to regrets later on.


8. If he isn't giving you more than one-word answers, give up

It can be frustrating to communicate with someone who responds with short or unenthusiastic responses, such as "cool" or "k." It is not worth trying to force someone to engage in a conversation if they are not interested or invested in it. It is better to focus on other things and to let go of the desire to make the person talk to you.


9. If you just had a fantastic date with him, text him

It is natural to want to wait for someone to indicate whether they enjoyed a date before initiating further communication, but it is also important to be honest and express your feelings. If you had a great time on the date and want to see the person again, it is okay to let them know. The worst that can happen is that the other person is not interested in a second date, but it is better to be upfront and honest about your feelings rather than waiting and wondering.


10. If it just feels wrong, don't do it

It is okay to text someone you recently met, but it is important to listen to your instincts and pay attention to how you feel about the situation. If you have a negative feeling or sense of uncertainty about reaching out, it may be best to wait and see if the other person initiates communication. The energy and intention behind your communication is important, and it is better to send positive, confident messages rather than ones that are uncertain or forced.


11. If he asked you out on a date but hasn't texted you, go ahead

If you met someone online or in person and they asked you out on a date but never used your phone number, it is okay to initiate communication and text them if you want to. It is often a good idea to chat with someone via text before meeting them in person to see if there is a connection and to get to know each other a bit better. This can help to ensure that the date goes smoothly and that both people are comfortable and interested in spending time together.


12. If you recently ghosted him and now you miss him, don't text him

It is not okay to contact someone after ghosting them. If you have chosen to end communication with someone and have not responded to their messages, it is best to let them move on and find happiness with someone else. It is important to deal with your own feelings of missing the person, but it is not fair to reach out to them and potentially cause them further pain or confusion. It is better to accept that the person was not what you wanted and to move on.