Should You Date An Older Man? Here Are 5 Reasons To Give It A Try!

Should You Date An Older Man? Here Are 5 Reasons To Give It A Try!

Age is more than just a number, but dating a slightly older guy comes with perks. If you're tired of having to explain your every move to guys your age, maybe you've overgrown them.

You're not who you were yesterday, and once you've overgrown situations and people, the dating game changes.

Giving a bit older guy a chance makes sense, as long as you're on similar emotional levels of maturity. Here are the top 5 reasons to expand your dating pool and check out what's outside your zone of comfort.


Older guys are better lovers

We aren't suggesting you should date senior citizens. Men in their 30s and 40s have a better understanding of sex, passion, and love.

Having sex with a 20-something guy can feel like a chase. The more they learn and mature, the more men become emotionally invested in sex.

Fewer games, more fun times

It's not a rule that older guys aren't into playing emotional games. But, with maturity comes a sense of responsibility, and the perception of time becomes more valuable.


When you think you have all the time in the world, you play games because you can. Once you are in the adult world, you want to enjoy special moments. It's safer to assume that older men aren't as dramatic as college guys.

Stabile income

There's something sexy when a person is ambitious. If you're both working hard, an older guy will be more understandable, and you won't have to spend your vacation bar hopping and getting wasted.


Stabile income and responsibility towards money show that a man is ready to turn his bachelor pad into a family-friendly place. That's the ultimate commitment, and most guys don't get to that until they are in their mid-30s.

He'll be more caring and respectful

This isn't a plot to get all ladies to hook up with older men. It's a fact that women tend to reach maturity faster. Older guys understand your need to be heard, appreciated, and respected.


Life experience taught them that disrespecting women only leads to drama and tears. And that's what they don't want from a relationship.

Sense of balance

Finally, you'll enter a relationship that is calmer, safer, and your love will often feel like smooth sailing.

Mature men will treat you like an equal. He will want to open up, but you have to follow his lead. They've been places, dated, and, hopefully, learned from their mistakes.


Dating a slightly older guy means not having to deal with boys and their mood swings. You'll get a chance to build a future, have reasonable discussions, and finally feel like you're part of the couple.