Should You Buy Clothes Online?

Should You Buy Clothes Online?

Now that everyone and their mother is shopping online, you might be wondering whether it's time to take the plunge and start buying clothes online. Some internet users draw the line at buying clothes online, claiming that it makes shopping more complicated rather than easier.

Online shopping pros and cons, just like everything internet related. While buying clothes online comes with a specific set of challenges, it also has a lot of benefits. Let's take a look.


Shopping Online: The Pros And Cons

Before you buy anything, make sure that you're buying from an established, reputable site. Amazon and eBay are good places to start. Now, let's dive right into the pros and cons of buying clothes online.



The reason that people love online shopping is that it's easy. No need to leave the house or write a list that will miss out on that one important thing that you needed, and no need to deal with holiday-time crowds and queues. You can type in your keyword of choice into a search engine, and browse the results at your leisure.



We all have our style, but clothing stores can be generic. Especially if you need so-called "unusual" sizes, like size 9 women's shoes, shopping online can provide more results and makes it easier to find clothes you like, not just clothes that fit.

You can also filter your results. For example, if you only want to buy a pair of jeans, you don't need to fight your way through a clothing shop full of everything but jeans to get to the product you want.


Unique Purchases

Items in standard clothing stores closely follow the current fashions. That's fine if you want fashionable clothes, but what if you want timeless, unique pieces? What if you want something that's really you? For example, browse the online t-shirt store Chummy Tees. Do you think you'll find any of those shirts in your average clothing store?


No. No, you won't.


Sizing Issues

One of the issues is that of sizing. Everyone's body is different. Some sizes can run too large or small. You can't try on an online purchase before you buy it. This can result in the disappointment of finding that your online purchase doesn't fit - or it just doesn't look as good as you thought.



Most - if not all - online stores accept returns, but this can be a finicky process, and not quite as easy as returning an item to a physical clothing store.

Online Clothes Shopping: Yes Or No?

So, should you give online clothes shopping a try?

Of course, that's ultimately up to you. However, there's far more variety and unusual things on the internet than in your average clothing store. Moreover, shopping online means your items will be delivered - no need to leave the house!