Should I Just Drink My Way Through Christmas This Year?

Should I Just Drink My Way Through Christmas This Year?

Well, short answer: no.

Life can be tough and emotions are hard and stress is all around us. But this is the period that makes everything worth it. That gives us perspective. Reminders of why we continue to exist.

Oh yes, the big hitters.

Yes, you will be numb to your uncle's problematic political opinions, but think about all that you will miss out on…

No article about Christmas would be complete without the discourse of the food. We know every year that we overeat. I vow every year to not make the same mistakes as last time.

We make, like last year, the same, Effing, Mistakes

Oh well. If it's a day where we can eat mashed potatoes, sausages, turkey, roast potatoes, stuffing, and Yorkshire puddings (the best food, don't @ me) – what are we mere mortals to do? Eat. That's what. Even parsnips and leeks become delicacies at Christmas time. Somehow I fear that I won't eat enough and make sure I fill up on veg. It doesn't stop me from consuming my body weight in food mere minutes later, but oh well.

Then comes the period between Christmas and New Year that inexplicably lasts longer than the Victorian era and the guitar riff in the Eagles' song, Hotel California. Empires are built and raized in that time, but it doesn't in any way prompt me to be productive or to do things that need doing. Nope, we just sit there and languish and watch the quality streets diminish by the day. We start awash with galaxy and mars but inevitably decline to the nonsense of bounty and empty wrappers. Thus commences the arguments about which dirty, greedy, lying so and so ate the last Malteser.

We are ready for home-cooked meals, Christmas shopping and Santa hats in the office

Even though we say we hate the stress of it all, that's just an excuse to make conversation with strangers about something other than the weather. The small talk has migrated thematically to talk of Christmas plans and stocking fillers and honestly, it was time. I couldn't squeeze more than two more conversations out about the fact that yes, it is in fact still raining. And no, it does not look like it's going to let up, Clive, stop telling me that!

It helps that I'm one of those people that simply love shopping and particularly Christmas shopping. Once you start – and this has been scientifically proven – you cannot stop. You buy presents for one person, and insist that you won't go crazy this year – and lo, three hours and eight bags later (each more cringingly decorated than the last) – we end up needing an advance on next week's rent. Whoops?

But that feeling when you've found the perfect present for your favorite person? Bottle that and sell it to the masses, because it is just the best. I genuinely get so excited about getting to see their faces open the presents that I forget I'm also getting a present in return! That in itself is always fun and interesting – particularly when you get a handwritten card in this age of digital conversation – and you can see how the person who means the most to you perceives you and what you might need.

Or if they've got all of your 'subtle' hints throughout the year that you need a new duvet cover.

3 ply

Most of the time they smash it out of the park, but it's these situations where truly it's the thought that counts. Those people thought of you when shopping and dedicated their time, money, and thought of getting you a thoughtful gift. The gold standard is if they cry. But also that a little emotionally masochistic and awkward. Oh well, whatever floats your boat.

Then all the Christmas specials come on TV and you realize just how much trash you used to watch – and would willingly watch until the end of time.

Next up is the MTV music channel where they countdown the best Christmas songs and there are always a few pop covers that make you want to die before Last Christmas inevitably wins.

If it ever doesn't it might be the straw that finally breaks the camels back. It's voted for by the public though.

A dodgy public vote sounds familiar, somehow? Touchy subject?

No regrets. Lots of festivities.