Shorter Erections Linked To More Meat-Eating, Research Shows

Shorter Erections Linked To More Meat-eating, Research Shows

Problems maintaining an erection remains an embarrassing reality for many men.

Similarly, lots of guys are positively vibrant at the sight of a delicious aromatic piece of steak or the good ol' meat-stuffed burgers.

We won't dive into the discussion why we believe heavy meat consumption is bad for the environment.

Nope. That's not our focus today.

Let's instead direct our attention at a shocking new study linking increased meat eating to shorter erections.

1. The Study Was Done During The Netflix Documentary, "The Game Changers"

Not getting the connection? It's probably because you don't know about the documentary which was produced by James Cameron, Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Game Changers focuses on elite athletes who back plant-based diets. The film discovered that men who avoid meat are generally healthier, and their erections last longer.

2. What Exactly Did The Study Discover?

If you are a meat-loving man, chances are that you are still in denial about these findings. But maybe a little more information on what the study discovered will help you get the point.

During the documentary, things got crazy. The men were made to wear penis rings to bed for several nights.

Each night they would get a meal, either vegan or meat-based. At the end of the study, it was discovered that after eating vegan meals, the erections got stronger and lasted longer. In pure figures, there was a 303% improvement in erections after vegan meals. How's that for evidence?

3. There's Nothing Manly About Eating Meat

Many traditional gender stereotypes are wrong. We know enough to say that with full conviction today. That includes the notion that men have to be strong, courageous, and sexual beasts by nature. We know better, don't we?

That is hardly ever the truth.

And it's also wrong to ascribe meat-eating to manliness. Meat is in fact, kryptonite for the male gender, as it undermines their manhood by reducing their sexual capabilities.

4. Study Not Ironclad, Obviously

As you know, science is complicated. There are many protocols necessary to give studies enough credibility. For instance, the number of participants has to be up to par. That did not happen during this study. And the study wasn't even randomized, if at all you know what that means.

Still, this is not the only study to make this curious claim, and that is probably its greatest source of validity.

There have even been studies showing that men who ate foods with lower cholesterol and fats had better erections and fewer erectile dysfunction symptoms. The point is, your diet can have a very profound impact on your sexual health.

So, What's The Lesson Here?

You don't have to give up meat entirely if you are not up to it. We know you love your steak and burgers. But for the sake of your sexual health, you can at least give a veggie diet a try once in a while. It's also good for the environment, remember? This is a classic example of a perfect win-win scenario.