Shocking Video Shows What Happens If You Try To Enter Area 51

Engaging in various activities in this world may lead to trouble, and trying to enter Area 51 without authorization is certainly one of them.

If you recall the nostalgic and innocent times of 2019, you may recollect when more than two million individuals pledged to raid Area 51 and expose the allegedly concealed extraterrestrial beings to the world.

However, things did not proceed as expected, although fortunately, it did not turn out as a scenario where two million people performing Naruto run at Area 51 were shot down.


Instead, only about 150 people actually arrived at the event, which undermined their entire plan of "they can't stop all of us" to breach the defenses of the location.

The sole individual who had the bravery to charge towards the gate was a 60-year-old woman, who was subsequently charged with trespassing and fined $1,000.


On that specific day, the guards protecting Area 51 were prepared for any potential arrivals, although they remain highly vigilant throughout the year, as some individuals have discovered to their misfortune.

When a father and son pair on motorcycles approached Area 51 and were apprehended by soldiers, they recorded their interaction with the authorities.

As the soldiers drew their weapons and instructed the bikers to spread their feet, the men were directed to raise their hands and undergo a pat-down search.


In the end, the father and son received a relatively mild punishment, as individuals pointing guns in their direction instructed them to "get on your bikes" and "get the f**k out of here."

After being warned that they would be issued $750 tickets if they did not depart immediately, they wisely opted to heed the advice being given to them and leave the area.

As a general principle, if you are in a place where you are not supposed to be and someone carrying a gun instructs you to depart, it is advisable to comply and leave.


Area 51 has been the subject of long-standing suspicion as a classified facility where extraterrestrial beings and unidentified flying objects that have crashed on Earth over time are stored.

Although one might have previously kept the extraterrestrial beings in a location as remote as Area 51, it is reasonable to assume that they would have been relocated to a more covert facility before officially acknowledging the existence of the site.


The base was so determined to maintain secrecy and dissociate itself from extraterrestrial-related topics that during the production of the 1996 movie Independence Day, they requested that the film not make any references to them.

At that time, the United States government did not recognize the existence of Area 51 officially, and it would be a couple of years before they did so.