Shocking Video Shows Somali Youth Mob Forcing Into An Apartment To Beat Mother And Daughter In Minneapolis

The shocking footage was posted on Twitter, showing several young people forcing themselves into an apartment in Minneapolis.

The original video poster stated that the group of Somali youngsters entered a woman's home, where she lived with her daughter.

You can hear the woman screaming:

"How did you get into my house?"

After that, she was attacked, and you could see a woman and her daughter covering their faces as the group was beating them.

According to Alpha News, the woman attacked is a Somali TikToker. The alleged reasons for the attack are that she accused an influential person of sexual abuse.

The attackers all wore masks, and it is believed that they were young females.

The original tweet was removed, but it was reposted and now went viral. Many are asking what is going on with the USA.

There was supposedly another video of the attack, filmed at the same time, from a different angle. That one was removed as well.

This is a developing story, as we are awaiting the officials to give a statement about the case.