Shocking Footage Shows Driver Ramming Through Just Stop Oil Protest, Striking Woman


A disturbing video has surfaced online showing a driver ramming through a group of protestors belonging to the Just Stop Oil movement. The footage captures the driver running over the foot of a woman who was trying to stop the car from passing.

Founded in February last year, Just Stop Oil (JSO) is an environmental protest group with a strong mission to push the government to halt all new licenses for the exploration, development, and production of fossil fuels in the United Kingdom.

JSO's advocacy for a shift to cleaner and sustainable sources of energy aims to safeguard the environment. Their movement has triggered heated debates on the future of energy in the UK, with some applauding their message, while others scrutinize their methods.

Despite the opposition, JSO is resolute in its pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable future.

A disturbing video circulating online depicts a chaotic scene on Holloway Road in Islington, where a driver appears to be determined to navigate through the traffic, disregarding the Just Stop Oil protesters blocking the road.

As the demonstrators tried to halt the car's advance, the situation rapidly deteriorated, resulting in a tense confrontation.

The footage shows a standoff as the protesters attempted to obstruct the car's path while the driver grew more resolute in pushing through the blockade.

As the car accelerated through the crowd, it hit one of the protesters, resulting in their foot being run over before the car quickly drove off.

The Just Stop Oil protester's video clip has been circulating on social media, triggering anger and exasperation among those who saw it.

"Similar scenes will continue to occur until and unless something is done," one commenter shared.

"My parents taught me the green cross code when I was younger... stop look listen before crossing a road. Subsequently, I've never been ran over," another pointed out.

"The road is made for cars not people standing middle of it," a viewer expressed.

According to a spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police, "Police are appealing for witnesses and dash cam footage after a person was involved in a collision with a vehicle on Holloway Road, Islington, whilst engaged in a protest, at around 10:00hrs, today Tuesday 2 May."

"The incident was brought to police attention after being circulated on social media and shows the person being involved in collision with a grey Renault Megane."

"If you were the person or have any information about the incident please report by calling 101, tweeting @MetCC or online at http://www.met.police.uk/."

A protester was captured on a video uploaded to the JSO Twitter account being told by a police officer:

"A Section 12 condition has been imposed on this march under the Public Order Act by Chief Inspector Scammell."

"So the condition that has been put on the march is that you have to march on the pavement."

"If you don't, people that are marching on the road will be liable for arrest. That was imposed at 10.27 am."

Just Stop Oil made a statement on New Year's Eve, calling for an end to the arrest and imprisonment of environmental protesters.

The group expressed concern over the increasing criminalization of peaceful protests and the excessive use of force against those fighting for a more sustainable and fair future.

JSO issued a statement on the eve of New Year's Day, demanding an end to the arrest and imprisonment of environmental protesters, expressing their deep concern over the growing criminalization of peaceful protest and the excessive use of force against those fighting for a more sustainable and just future.

"If you work in the police or the judiciary, you too must break the silence," JSO said.

"You don't have to arrest brave students and pensioners. You don't have to lock up these courageous, skilled, loving members of society."

"If you choose to do that, know what you're doing. You're working for death, not life. For power and profit, not care and reason. Is that what you want your life's legacy to be?"