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Shocking Bracelet That Will Break Your Unhealthy Habits!

Shocking Bracelet That Will Break Your Unhealthy Habits!

Are you addicted to fast food and impulse shopping? Meet Pavlok, a shocking bracelet that makes everything better.

When bad habits take over, it's no longer a matter of overspending or overeating. Your self-esteem and overall health are in danger, and it's time to take drastic measures.

The Pavlok bracelet will give you an unpleasant experience to break free from the old patterns. Every time you do something unhealthy, the bracelet will shock you, literally. It's a training device, not your grandma's old piece of jewelry!

The strap gives a 350-volt electric shock as a gentle reminder, and you can also download an app. The app will allow you to choose which habits you want to break free from, and it includes oversleeping, smoking, and pretty much anything else that you consider unhealthy.

Pavlok explains that the safe and harmless zap of electricity on the wrist will teach the brain to connect an "unpleasant" feeling with your bad habit and stop it completely. It does sound drastic, but it's not as painful as it sounds.

Besides, when we associate something with physical pain, we are less likely to repeat it. Unlike our emotions or our general health, physical pain is something we listen to.

The Pavlok strap's inventor, Maneesh Sethi, explained that "it feels like if you were to touch a doorknob after rubbing the socks on the carpet." Additionally, the inventor explained the relationship with unhealthy foods and how we can start to eat healthier.

The inventor compared it to food poisoning: when you go through one negative experience, you'll stop eating that food.

Its efficacy is explained by aversive conditioning, which is a behavior training that uses negative stimuli and associations to help reaffirm a specific action as undesirable.

The shock bracelet comes in several colors, and apart from being a training device, it works like any other gadget. Break bad habits and start building good ones! Pavlok integrates with sensors, friends, internet browsers, phone apps, GPS, and more to keep you on track with your goals.

You may think: "This has to be too drastic." Yes, it does seem that way to us as well. Then again, we remembered just how much we spend on trying to lose weight or stop smoking. And being a shopaholic isn't fun at all, despite what movies and TV shows try to convince us.

Taking control over your life means you're the one in charge, the one with the power. And if you need some extra voltage with it, that's better than complaining all the time. Pavlok promises miracles, but the ultimate decision is always in your hands!