"She's Professionally Ruined": Megyn Kelly Says Post-Trial Amber Heard Is "Unemployable"

"she's Professionally Ruined": Megyn Kelly Says Post-trial Amber Heard Is "unemployable"

Megyn Kelly shared her thoughts on Depp vs. Heard defamation verdict on the podcast Speaking Freely, hosted by Floyd Abrams.

Kelly explained her stance and why she believes that the verdict is a complete disaster for Amber Heard, even though she won on one count.

The independent journalist and Sirius XM radio host called Heard a "walking red flag."

Megyn told the host:

"I think she's professionally ruined for the time being."

"I'm not sure whether she comes back from this, even in a town that's very liberal and that would be much more in the knee-jerk 'I believe all women' camp."

Kelly explained how Depp won in the court of public opinion:

"The problem for her in Hollywood is not that a jury has said what it's said. The problem for her in Hollywood is the nation watched this trial, and they decided she was a liar, and he was a truth-teller."

She added that the biggest obstacle for Heard was that the nation saw her as a "liar:"

"Yes, they were manipulated by the press. Yes, they saw YouTube mashups that the jury didn't see and all of that, but they had the opportunity to decide with her in the court of public opinion if that's how they were feeling, and in watching her testimonial and so on, they didn't."

Kelly mentioned the petition to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 and how it gained traction during the defamation trial:

"Hollywood, before it's woke these days, has gotta be somewhat business-minded and capitalist. There was already a petition with, I don't know, between three and 4 million. Maybe it's more now to get her booted out of the next Aquaman sequel."

Finally, she told the host why she thinks Amber is "unemployable:"

"They don't wanna see her. She's come to represent more than a woman who falsely accused a beloved actor. She's come to represent all women who women and men feel have made false accusations. Now that's unfair, but that's where we are. And that's why I say she's probably unemployable."

Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for defamation, citing her op-ed published in The Washington Post in 2018. On June 1, the actor won on all three counts of defamation. Through his attorney Adam Waldman, the jury found that Johnny Depp defamed Amber Heard on one count of three.

Numerous celebrities and public figures gave their opinions on the verdict. Judge Jeanine Pirro, Fox News host, went as far as accusing Heard by saying:

"You do not represent women, you represent the worst of women who try to falsely blame men, and that is the end of it."

Jason Momoa "liked" statements from both actors. Depp got support on social media from Naomi Campbell, Ashley Benson, Pirates of The Caribbean star Greg Ellis and The Boys star Laurie Holden, Jennifer Aniston, Bella Hadid, and more.

Here is the full interview with Megyn Kelly: