She’ll Always Be The One You Wish You Had Held Onto

This girl genuinely loved you. She was the real deal, and with her, there was not even a shred of pretense, and she was never about playing silly games. She knew exactly what she wanted, and that was you.

She saw you for you and loved you despite your flaws. She never tried to change you and you were the only man for her.

She believed in everything you could become, always pushed you to be your best, and she saw beyond the present circumstances.

She made sure you knew you could count on her as your ride or die. She stuck around when things were not so great and everyone else took the easy road and left. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for you.

She wore her heart on her sleeve and let her feelings show. When you saw how hopelessly in love she was, you started taking her for granted. Your ignorance made you believe that despite what you did to her, she wouldn’t ever walk away. That her love for you would make her stay forever.

And stay she did. She held onto the good times, hoping for even better times ahead. Until she had enough. She took off the blinding love goggles and saw the situation for what it really was. She had an honest conversation with herself and made a life-changing decision. You will never change, she told herself. You will never appreciate her, she said.

At the end of that honest conversation with herself, she came out with one important note to herself. It was time to walk away. That was the message in the note. As fiercely as she had fought for you, it was now time to just as fiercely fight for herself. Walking away was her own gift to herself.

That ignorant arrogance once again convinced you that she was just bluffing. You waited for her to come around as usual, but she never did. Your pride wouldn’t allow you to seek her out, much as you may have wanted to. And just like that, she was gone from your life, never to return.

And that’s when it hit you. She was the one girl, beautiful on the inside and the outside, that had loved you unconditionally. You began to see every sacrifice she made for you.

It finally dawned on you that you would never find another like her. A woman who was ready to be your lover and best friend. She saw the real you, and loved what she saw. Her love was so genuine and true.

She will always be the girl you will regret letting go of. You will try to find her in the women you date in the future, but will you be honest enough to admit that none will ever match up to her?

You will wish things had happened differently. You will regret it all. You will wish you had done better, but it will always be too little too late.