She Was Your Soulmate, And Soon You’ll Realize How Badly You F*cked Up By Leaving Her

When you found her, you knew in your heart that there was none like her. And as fate would have it, she loved you with all she had. But then a day came when you thought that maybe, just maybe, she was not good enough. And that was all you needed to leave. Sure, you broke her heart, but you broke yours even more. To this day, she is the one that got away.

Even though you believed at the time leaving her was the best thing to do, you now know better. Except that it’s too late to get things back the way they were. You let your soulmate slip through your fingers, and it haunts you to this day. Yep, you messed up big time.

Now You Know What You Lost

When you left her, you couldn’t have cared less that she was no longer in your life. It was an easy decision, and there were no immediate regrets. But the truth began to dawn on you, and you realized that you had lost a good one – the true delight of your life.

She was your best friend and your soulmate, and she loved you more than you can imagine. But this didn’t mean a thing to you. She was there when you needed her, and she made sacrifices to make you happy because she loved you. Now the reality is that you might never find anyone else who will care as much about you.

She Has Completely Given Up On You

There is nothing like a perfect relationship. That is why she had to fight for you when you were together because she wanted it to work out. But it was not a battle she could win on her own. You never fought for her, and she had to throw in the towel.

Instead of fighting, you ran off. She was exhausted from fighting for you. You assumed that your relationship had reached its inevitable end. So you left, and that was the last straw because she will never fight for you anymore. She no longer longs for your love.

She’ll Be Loved Again

She won’t sit around waiting for you to come crawling back. The truth of how much better her life is without you in it will come to her. So, she will find someone who is worthy of her love. Someone caring and compassionate.

Having been with you, she will not settle for anyone who takes her for granted. And someone will see her worth and love her the way you should have but didn’t.

And as you toss and turn in your bed at night fantasizing about what could have been, you will know that you made the biggest mistake of your life. You can never have her back, even if you gave up everything you have.

You will finally realize that she was the love of your life, but it will be too little too late. She could have been yours forever, and you would have cherished every moment together, but instead, she is gone forever.

All you can do is let her be because she is better off for it. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of you.