She Wanted To Stay, But You Pushed Her Away

She Wanted To Stay, But You Pushed Her Away

She loved you beyond your comprehension. You meant the world to her. You brought meaning to her life, and she wanted to live up to your expectations. She thought of becoming something you wanted her to be so that you let her become a part of you. She gave her best to become the ideal woman and worked tremendously hard on her imperfections to become worthy of you. You could not see the pain behind her smile and how badly she wanted things to become all right.

She understood how important it is to give personal space, although she craved to be with you all the time. She never expected anything that would be hard for you to provide. She was all in for you right from the start. She was ready to stay with you until the end of time. She hoped that you would find comfort in knowing that someone always has your back; someone who would stay with you through all of your best and worst days. Selflessly, she offered her love and commitment with the hopes that you would give her the same. She could not get through to you despite her tireless efforts and love-filled gestures.

She wanted you to love her the way she loved you, but never mentioned it when you didn't reciprocate. She held your hand when you felt low, and became genuinely concerned about your issues even though she didn't have to. She always wanted to solve every problem for you, even when she was not at fault. You had a partner who promised her life to you, but you replaced her love with doubts and barriers.

She turned a blind eye to your flaws, and it was never a hard job to make her smile after every time you let her down. She just wanted you to be you and not anyone else she dreamt of. With so many bad memories and traumatizing experiences, she still stood with you looking unaffected and happy, but now she is gone from your life; never to return again.

She is incapable of hating you and will always have a special place for you in her heart, dormant till her last breath. It didn't matter how bad you hurt her, all she could do was let you push her away slowly over time. You caused her to feel like was wrong with her and she developed serious doubts about the way she is.

She was there to stay, but you let go of her without any hesitation or discussion. The environment that you brewed up in this toxic relationship suffocated the life out of her.

Somewhere in between her efforts to become someone ideal and you pushing her away, she lost her true self. Repeated setbacks and painful conversations helped her realize that you were not meant for her, and all she could do was take care of herself. She gave up on you even though she did not want to, she finally left.

You never let her know your feelings for her, never acknowledged the efforts she put in. You always prioritized everything else over her, and she didn't deserve it. No matter who you blame it on, you lost a girl who was meant to be yours. Wherever she is now, she is not the same jolly and happy person she used to be. She hit rock-bottom because of you, and it will take years for her to trust another man again.